Monday, December 18, 2023

HERE BE NEWS for Monday December 18, 2023

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 Monday December 18, 2023 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Thursday December 14, 2023: Deborah Bailey advises us to Keep an Open Mind When Worldbuilding.

Still a few days left to enjoy the 12 Tropes of Christmas--books, fun and games, and prizes!

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12 Romantic Vignettes Based on the Star Signs
Contemporary Fantasy
by Linda Mooney
Word Count: 24.2K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p


Capricorn – Phillip discovers his guide is more suited for the terrain than he knew.

Aquarius – Meomi inherited her family farm, only to be hit with a major drought.

Pisces – Elliot came to get his fortune read. Instead, Dorrie discovered hers.

Aries – Thugs thought the old couple camping out would be easy prey.

Taurus – Tark saves a young heifer sent to the slaughterhouse where he works.

Gemini – Lucia thought she was the last person alive after an apocalyptic event.

Cancer – Arlene offered him water on a scorching summer day, not realizing how he would react.

Leo – Linsie discovers why one particularly reclusive movie star is considered to be “the least vain man in Hollywood”.

Virgo – Penni finds out that sometimes a minor traffic infraction can be a good thing.

Libra – It has been years since Myles has met a woman so pure of heart.

Scorpio – Aria’s story about a missing child isn’t what Hart expected to hear. Then again, she was nothing like he expected either.

Sagittarius –  It wasn't until an accident on a cold winter's night that Embeth finally got to meet her neighbor.

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