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HERE BE NEWS for Monday September 18, 2023

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 Monday September 18, 2023 

Welcome to HERE BE NEWS, where each monday we bring you all the latest from the fantasy romance authors at Here Be Magic:

Thursday September 14, 2023  Author Deborah A Bailey discusses how and why authors might want to sell books directly to their readers in this informative post.

 It's time for another Fill-Your-E-Reader event from Romance Bookworms! This time it's a gigantic THREE-DAY affair with over 2400 books--all of which have never been featured in this event before. 


The Lady and the Rogue

Ruth A Casie

Feisty and passionate. He’ll enjoy making her fall in love with him… or die trying.

In the shadowy depths of London, Lady Euphemia Brandt, a renowned concert pianist, is mistaken by an English nobleman for his intended rendezvous. She defends herself, losing her reticule in the process. Reluctantly, she takes coins from her attacker and secures a carriage home. Their eyes lock, and they share a searing kiss, altering their lives forever.

At an affair honoring the Prime Minister, Euphemia discovers that the rogue who accosted her is a much sought-after, wealthy member of society. Struggling to resist his attraction, she battles memories of their kiss.

Cayden Whitford, the Duke of Thornton, seeking a woman with vital information, mistakes Euphemia for his contact and is surprised by her swift blow and the ensuing kiss. Intrigued, he vows to find her. At a dinner party, Thornton learns she is the daughter of the Prime Minister’s trusted advisor. He presents himself as a suitor to her father in order to discover her allegiance.

As Thornton unravels Euphemia's wit, logic, and passion, his initial mission falters. He’s fallen in love with her.

Release Date – September 2023

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