Friday, October 21, 2022

Book Fairs and Online Reader Events

Posted by: PG Forte

 Well. This is embarrassing. I forgot my day to post this month. And I'm the one who sets up the calendar! I've been busy--which is a terrible excuse, but it's true. I have short stories or novellas in no less than NINE anthologies that are due to release in the next twelve months. All of those need to be written. And edited. And promoted. And that's not counting any of the books I'm hoping to re-release in 2023.

And then there's my non-writing life. My grandson has apparently decided I'm the fun adult in his life. And I'm determined to hold onto that title for as long as I can. He's four. It's a fickle age. But, I tell you, wrangling him is as much work as wrangling any two fictional characters.  So, because I have to send out my weekly newsletter, prep next week's HBM news post, pay a couple of bills and hopefully, finish the scene/chapter I'm working on in my WIP--all before I leave to pick my DGS up from school--in lieu of a more traditional post, today I'm just going to post some of the upcoming reader events I am/will be taking part in. 

Please consider joining us--they should be fun!

Huge romance giveaway happening now. Over 100 free books. Including my short story, Blame it on the Voodoo.




It's Halloween Season. What better way to spend it than reading a Paranormal, Fantasy, Sci-fi or Spooky Romance?



Let's celebrate seasoned romance!

Saturday, October 29, 2022
Worth The Wait Seasoned Romance Readers Facebook group:

What are you doing October 29? Why not join me and 24 other authors of seasoned romance as we celebrate "Fall Into Love!" You need to be a member of the Worth the Wait Seasoned Romance Group, so join today. Then be ready for contests, games, prizes, and more! 



It’s Book Fair Time! 
Free romance ebooks, .99 cent romance ebooks, and romance anthologies are what you'll find at this year's Let's Get Naughty Book Fair!
Check out all the good things Oct. 21 through Nov. 30:

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