Thursday, July 14, 2022

Healthy Tips for Authors

Posted by: Deborah A Bailey


It's easy to work at the computer for long periods without taking a break. There may be many times when you look up and find that you've been working for hours. Sure, you have a deadline, but it's never a good idea to push yourself too hard. 

Unfortunately, if you burn yourself out, you won’t be able to get anything done. Here are some ideas for staying healthy while you work.

Relax after a long working day – sometimes when you’ve got a lot on your list to accomplish, you want to keep pushing even when your body (and mind) want rest. Give yourself a chance to unwind and recharge. 

Take breaks – I set the timer on my phone to remind me to break away from my work. Whether it’s a break for coffee/tea/water, a quick walk, meditation or whatever you prefer. . If you work at a desk and sit for long periods of time, it’s a good idea to get some movement in at regular intervals.

Stay hydrated – do you have trouble drinking your water? I do too!  That's why I got into  the habit of keeping a glass of water nearby. Sometimes I add lemon to give it a bit of flavor. The important thing -- especially in the summer - is to drink as much water (and/or healthy drinks) as possible. 

Take a walk (or get movement into your day) – if you choose to walk, you can do it just about anywhere. The same goes for stretching. Add movement to your day when and where you can, and you’ll be much more refreshed.

 Keep healthy snacks handy – this is a big one! Of course this takes planning ahead so that you'll have them on hand. Sugary snacks can cause those dreaded sugar crashes (and sap your energy) which is a great reason to make different choices while you're working. 

Set realistic goals - it won't help you to work so hard that you burn out. Then nothing gets done and you're even more frustrated. Yes, there are times when you have to get your work done by a certain time, but harming your health isn't the way to go. 

Sure, there will be times when you put in a lot of hours and don't get rest, or eat healthy meals. However, let those be the exceptions so that you have the energy you need to accomplish your writing goals. 

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