Wednesday, February 24, 2021

WiP-It Wednesday for February 24, 2021

Posted by: PG Forte

 PG Forte: I don't know if I shared this cover yet. This is Angel Mine, a freebie story I'm working on for my Angels in the Afterlife series. I hope to be finished with this story very soon. Meanwhile, here's a small excerpt. 

I don’t believe in destiny or meant-to-be. I don’t even understand the appeal of it, to be honest. The idea that there’s one special someone out there for each of us—seriously, how does anyone not find that depressing as fuck?

Think about it. The universe is so vast, and so timeless; even if your perfect soulmate did exist, how would you even go about finding each other? You could miss each other by centuries, by galaxies, by signing up for the wrong dating app. It’s all such an incredible crapshoot.

Or maybe I’m wrong. I didn’t used to be such a cynic. There was a time, not so long ago, when I was a pretty upbeat guy. But now…could be I just don’t want to believe that something like that is possible. Because now that I’m dead, now that I’ve missed my shot at hooking up with my other half... Okay, wait. I’m telling this badly, aren’t I? Let’s start over.

Hi. My name is Mattie. I’m an angel. And this is my story.
To read more about my angsty angels, and find out what they're up to there in limbo (where men are men and the angels are fallen!) check out their series page here:

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