Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Most Anticipated September Books

Posted by: Nicole Luiken

 September has a fantastic crop of new SFF/paranormal books that I am looking forward to reading. Books are in order of release date.

1. A Killing Frost by Seanan McGuire, Sept. 1 TODAY. Latest in the awesome October Daye urban fantasy series full of fae in San Francisco. Toby and Tybalt's wedding is approaching. Squee!





2. Divergence by C.J. Cherryh. Sept 8. Latest in the hard SF Atevi series. If you want to read a book with human-alien relations done well, try this series. Start with Foreigner.

3. The Ippos King by Grace Draven. Sept. 15. Fantasy romance, third in the Wraith Kings series. While set in the same world as Radiance and Eidolon, this one features a different couple. I can't wait!

4. A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik. Sept. 29. First book in a new series, Scholmance. I don't know much about this one beyond that it's set in a wizard school, but I loved both Novik's Temeraire series and her faerie tale retellings, so I'm confident I'll love this, too.



5. Battle Ground by Jim Butcher. We get two Harry Dresden books this year, Peace Talks which came out in July and now Battle Ground, which are really part one and part two of a novel that got too long.

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