Friday, February 22, 2019

A Tale of Two Covers

Posted by: Linda Mooney

As any author can tell you, sometimes it’s difficult to find just the right model for the cover of your book. I was lucky to find not just the right model, but the perfect “warrior couple” for my book JEXX. But there was a small—or rather, “busty”—problem. The heroine has a belt covering the strategic areas of her breasts, but there’s still a lot left showing.

I initially placed the title on the lower right side of the cover. But after several retail sites began removing or hiding “objectionable” covers, I realized this one might cause problems. So I created an alternate version, with the title placed to where you couldn’t see much of her chest area. That second cover is the one uploaded to Amazon, B&N, etc. It will also be on the print edition.

However, fear not! If you’re wondering, the original cover can still be seen on my personal website and blog, and in the PDF version of the ebook!  Check it out at if you’re curious. 

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