Friday, February 17, 2012


Posted by: Rebecca York

The magic of love is right up my alley.  I write romantic suspense, often with wounded heroes who are doomed to a lonely and perhaps bitter existence.  But one magical thing saves them–the love of a woman with the guts and determination to break through the shell they’ve built around themselves.

That’s one of my recurring themes, and it’s never been more evident than in my current Decorah Security novella, CHAINED.

Only this time, my heroine literally has to bring my hero’s body and soul back together.

The story starts when Isabella Flores flees from armed men trying to kill her.  When she arrives at the ranch her father owns near Sedona, Arizona, she’s attacked by what she thinks is a ghost.  Not just any ghost.  He’s Matthew Houseman, the man she loved and lost eight years ago.  Back then he was her Decorah Security bodyguard, and she was too young for a relationship with him.  He attacks because he doesn’t recognize her at first.  When he realizes who she is, he reaches out toward her.

At first Matthew’s memories of himself are dim, but contact with Isabella brings Matthew back to himself.

I had a great time with this story, writing increasingly more sexually charged encounters with a ghost.  And the more physical contact they have, the more he remembers about his life and their love for each other.

After he helps save her from the bad guys, he vanishes, because he’s sure a relationship with a phantom can only lead to a dead end.  He thinks she should marry and have children, all of which is impossible with him.

But she knows about the magic of Sedona, the vortexes in the area, the places of power that the native Americans have know about for thousands of years.

In nature, vortexes are created by wind or water.  Like the circular motion of a tornado or water whirling down a drain.

In Sedona, they are believed to be created by spiraling spiritual energy--locations where the conditions are right to facilitate prayer, meditation and healing.  Mystical, magical places, with an energy flow that exists in multiple dimensions.

The heroine believes the energy of the vortexes drew the hero back to Sedona, and she hopes that if she can get in touch with that energy, she can bring him back to life.

A long shot.  But I’m writing paranormal romance, after all.  With a real-life rationale.  And I hope I’ve made you believe magic and reality can merge.

This story was a little different for me.  I often write about mythical creatures.  Werewolves and dragon-shifters.  This time it’s about the magic of a place.

What’s your favorite kind of paranormal romance, and why?


  1. I love magic and the paranormal in many forms, from angels to vampires to witches to elves. As someone with an interest in faerie lore, the fae often play a role in my stories. But I also practice magic and believe in the power of everything from Feng Shui to tarot cards, so drawing those things into my stories--whether it's the four elements, plant/herb lore, reading auras, etc.--allows me to bridge my spiritual beliefs and my stories. The magic my characters practice isn't really like the magic I know about in my reality, but my beliefs and interests do influence my stories. Thanks for this post, Rebecca. "Chained" sounds like a good read. I'm currently reading "Guarding Grace." Can't wait to see how it ends!

  2. Guarding Grace has a really cool big finish. Dh and I went down to DC to scout out the location, which involved walking across Chain Bridge over the Potomac River. A breathtaking experience.

    I love all things "magic" too. I've used tarot cards in my books. Most recently in Sudden Insight.

  3. What an amazing storyline. I don't know much about the vortexes in Sedona, but they sound fascinating.

  4. Thanks! We went to Sedona and had a great time reserching the vortexes. Hiked to some. Had a guide take us to others. Explored the area. There's a lot of "woo woo" stuff in town, and I had my aura photographed.

  5. I was the "expert" who took Rebecca York on a restaurant tour of Sedona.

  6. Definitely intriguing. I'm sitting at my computer planning a hike in Sedona, AZ...while reading my SSS comments and click on your page, and there is Sedona again. Coincidence, never. ;)

  7. Spooky the way these intersected. I'd love to go back to Sedona. A lot of psychic energy there. And spectacular scenery.


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