Friday, August 12, 2011

My Dark Side

Posted by: Melinda Leigh

I read all genres. I love humorous mysteries and steamy paranormals. But when I settle down to write, my imagination goes to a dark and scary place.


Honestly, I have no idea. My life is pleasant. In movies, I prefer comedies over thrillers. My favorite horror films are ridiculous creature features. I love kids and dogs. I'm normal. (Not.)

Yet, I find violent murder scenes quite natural to write. What I couldn't watch in a movie plays out in my head in full color with zero squeamishness. In my first attempt at a paranormal romance, the werewolves ate everyone.

I'm not sure what that says about me. But if I'm ever accused of a vicious crime and the FBI takes the hard drive on my computer, I'll have so explaining to do. My bookshelves are stocked with texts on forensics and police procedure. Once I took my youngest to the pediatrician, and brought my current research volume along. I couldn't figure out why the woman on the other side of the waiting room kept staring at me. Duh, I was reading a book about poisons. (instructional, not medical) I've researched bombs and weapons, ammunition and decomposition, serial killers and sociopaths.

Is this disturbing? Probably. Fun? Definitely. Boring? Never.

Is there anything disturbing or unexpected in your imagination?


  1. Past life experiences coming forward perhaps! Who knows? LOVE the picture you included. We all go somewhere in our minds, I guess. Yours takes you to dark places where you can create amazing fiction. Embrace the dark side, Luke Skywalker, breath, exhale, breath.

  2. I've spent a lot of time recently researching how to weaponize dry ice. I think you should end every story with "...and the werewolves ate everyone."

  3. I don't know, Barbara, but the villain is always the most fun to write.

    Eleri, turning dry ice into a weapon? Love it!


  4. I hear you. I would have some serious explaining to do too.

  5. Forget the FBI...if my kids ever come across my files full of stories, they'll be scarred for life!

    I, too, am harmless and normal in real life. But I love dark fiction, scary movies, and anti-heroes. Go figure...


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