Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Working Vacation (Is there Any Other Kind?)

Posted by: Marie Harte

I always have the hardest time in the summer writing. The kids are off their daily schedule, and so am I. But when I'm traveling, it's even harder. I want to have fun and vacation. I'm away from my desktop computer, dealing with my trusty (and old) laptop. And I don't have the familiar stuff around--the chaos of my desk, my favorite pens--to put me in that writerly mode.

I'm spending the summer with my mother out West with the kids. We started here (see picture below), in Bend, Oregon. Yeah, snow in the summer. Cool.

Then we traveled by bus to Portland, where we caught the train at Union Station.

All on our way to reach Seattle, Washington, where I've been staying for two weeks. I've been to the Gay Pride parade, seen fireworks over Gas Works Park, and walked all over the place, from Queen Anne to Freemont and then some.

I told myself I'd start working come the 1st of July. And I did. Edits, a new manuscript, more edits and proofs. I have to work at night, when the kids are asleep. It's challenging trying to find the magic to write when I'm exhausted and want nothing more than to fall into bed. But I've already finished the first chapter on a new project, so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I continue to work at a steady rate. Even though we're heading back to Bend this weekend. But at least we'll settle there for the rest of the summer. And hopefully I'll get my stuff done. How's your summer going? Productive? Lazy? Or just plain tired? :)



  1. Wow! Loved the pictures, and I lived in Portland for a while. That city reminds me a lot of where I am now, the Twin Cities, MN. Very green. Love the open markets. I just got back from vacation, and I know what you mean. My laptop never even made it out of my backpack. I'm blaming the margaritas!

  2. Good for you, managing to work while on vacation. :-)
    It's winter downunder so no summer distractions. But I'm just plain tired, trying to finish a book and submit.

  3. Working on vacation is heroic -- I hope you manage to steal some downtime :)

    Like Janni said, it's winter here in Oz. No summer distractions, but I want to hibernate ... curl up in a warm chair with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

  4. Hey Barbara. Portland is a wonderful city. The transporation system is incredible. I love how green it is. I've heard great things about MN too.

  5. Jannie and Jenny. It's big time summer here. But when it's cooler, a cup of hot cocoa is just the thing. So I'm with you there. Fortunately, I'm out West in an area that's not so hot right now. In Georgia, it's like hell, only hotter. >:) Bring on the winter, I say. But then, I'm partial to cooler climates.

    Now back to writing...


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