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Posted by: Janni Nell
Creating a Series

In the beginning all my manuscripts were stand-alone stories written in the third person. Then I started reading chicklit and fell in love with that humorous first person voice. Allegra Fairweather: Paranormal Investigator was my first attempt at writing in that voice. It must've been okay because the manuscript was accepted for publication. Another first. Then the panic set in. I’d planned an Allegra series – if the first book ever got published. Suddenly I had to make good on that plan.

I already had an idea for the second book, but what about the third (gulp!) and the fourth and OMG I had a vague memory of mentioning ten books in all. Hadn’t thought that one through. Ten! Chosen solely because it was a nice round number. Could I do that many?

I started to think about each book as being a chapter in Allegra’s life. What would she learn about herself in that book? How would she develop as a person? Of course there also had to be a paranormal mystery – one for each book – and the development of her relationship with Casper. It was a lot of balls to keep in the air. A lot of years of work – and okay, it’s fun too. Let’s not forget the fun – the absolute pleasure of beginning a story and seeing how it evolves. Writing is the best job in the world.

South of Salem is the second in the Allegra Fairweather series. The third book is almost ready to submit and number four is being plotted somewhere in the furthest reaches of my brain. So will I reach ten books? Who knows? But, no matter what happens, it’s a great ride. Better than I ever imagined.

I have two copies of South of Salem (epub or PDF format) to give away. Leave a comment to be in the running.

Read an excerpt from South of Salem

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  1. Hi Janni-
    I totally agree about the first person voice of chick lit. It's so warm and inviting. Like you're talking with a girlfriend. It's also very intimate and you get into the character's head so much more than with third. I've written one so far and I think once you write it, it's sort of addictive! I keep wanting to do it again.

  2. Love the cover to South of Salem! I do think of series books as being chapter or days in a characters life - which is why I'm a big fan of series....the more the merrier is my can think of several series i'm following that have 10 or more books so far...


  3. Hi Christine

    It is sooo addictive once you tried it. :-)

  4. Hi Maria
    Those eye-catching covers are brilliant. I'm forever thankful, I got Frauke (Croco Designs) as a cover artist. She's amazing.

  5. Hey, Janni! Can't wait to read this one. I'm working on a plan for a series.

  6. One of the reasons I love series is because we get to watch the characters grow and change. That's always fascinating to me as a reader.

    Jen at delux dot com

  7. Hi Barbara and JenM, thanks for stopping by and commenting. :-)


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