Monday, February 28, 2011

The Most Magical-ist

Posted by: Christine Bell

After a discussion with my kids this weekend, I finally figured out what I should blog about today. We’d gone to watch I Am Number Four at the movies, and were debating what “legends” we wish we had. In the movie, legends are powers that the protagonist and the others like him develop as they get older. Cool stuff, like being fire proof, or shooting kind of light power from your palms, or the ability to disappear, or do what looked like some super-rad parkour.

After a good thirty minutes, we had each hashed out our top five. It was that I realized I’ve spent the better part of my life wishing for special powers. When I was growing up, we would play house, orphans, or Happy Days (I was always Pinky Tuscadero), but it wouldn’t be your standard variety make believe. Before we even started, one person would just shout out what their special abilities would be a la “I’m the most magicalist, most swimmingest, most beautifulest most flyingest!” which would then prompt a flurry of responses, everyone yelling over everyone else to get the *good* ones that were left, “I’m the strongest, can talk to dolphins and can breathe under water!” You get the picture.

I was also obsessed with Wonder Woman (my mom had a gold stretchy belt that was PERFECT for lassoing) and Spider Man. Even now, I love superhero movies, fantasy and anything with magic. In fact, even now if I’m in an elevator alone, I will pretend I’m Magneeto, and flick my wrist to open and close the doors or make it rise with my “super powers”. I also own a wand (Severus Snape’s, it’s AWESOME) and have forbidden my children from uttering the unforgivable curses at each other when we wizard duel. It may be pretend, but it makes me nervous.

The point of all this prattle is that we take the idea of magic and special abilities VERY seriously in my house. After a lifetime of contemplation, I know exactly what powers I would want (and none of them are the ones I called out first as a kid).

So, here it is, my top three picks and why.

1. The ability to rewind. I wouldn’t use it much, but I’m a mom, and I can’t think of anything in the world that would give me more peace of mind.

2. Super strength self-discipline. I am so disciplined in some ways, and just so not in others. I just wish I had more of it.

3. Shape shifting. Mainly because it’s really cool and so versatile.

Totally lame, except the last one, right? How about you, blog friends. What ability or magic powers do you wish you had and why?


  1. My special power would be speed! I could get SO MUCH DONE! :)

  2. My super power would be the ability to bend time. I think it would be cool to slow down time (or speed it up!) while the rest of the world continued to tick along at normal speed.

  3. I always wanted to be a shapeshifter so I could turn into any animal I wanted to, and be a fly on the wall. :>p

  4. I'd like to be invisible so I could snoop without being caught out. :-)

  5. Hi Chris!

    Hmm... I think I'd like to have the power to control minds. That way, it wouldn't matter what all your super powers were - if any of you pissed me off you'd pay. MWAHHHHH! ;)

    Well, either that, or I liked to be elastic girl because then I'd be in real control of my weight for a change. On a fat day I'd just stretch myself and be taller. Doing the math - an added foot of height could forgive me about 30 pounds, right?

    Me to The Boy: "Oh, dear we have that gala this evening and I just ate that double fudge cake with a side of warm chocolate pudding whatever will I do?"

    The Boy: *shrug* <- he doesn't gives a rat's ass about my stress. ;)

    Me: "Yes, you're right. I need to go taller. Do you think anyone will notice that my red gown is now a mini?"

    Wow, now that I think about it. I might want the elastic power over the mind control...I'll have to think about that. :D


  6. All great answers!
    Murph- I hadn't thought of that one! BUT, with my iron will I would just get skinny with ease, so I will stick with mine. And you already practice mind control over your poor boy anyway, so who are you kidding???

  7. Oh, man. I'd want that rewind ability too, and the ability to divine powerball numbers before the drawing. Does that count as a super power??

  8. Great post!! There are so many special abilities and magical powers that I'd love to have. Do I have to only choose one?? :) When I was a child I wanted to be the bionic woman. So I'll say super strength, speed and keen hearing. Of course I always wanted to be a cat too. I certainly enjoy writing characters with super powers like shapeshifting, ability to turn invisible, and mind control.

  9. I want to be Mary Poppins. I want to eat sugar and have all of my things clean themselves.

  10. I want to be supercop -- I don't want to do anything dangerous, like stop armed robberies, but I do want to pull over bad drivers (the ones who, for instance, accelerate past school zones), pull out a waterpistol and squirt 'em with blue dye. Idiots!

    ahem, yes, maybe I do have road rage fantasies.

  11. Love, love, love this post :) Just yesterday I was asked about supernatural powers in an interview and I went with freeze time. I always feel like I have so much to do and never get to it all (hence the major catching up I'm doing here *sigh*).

    Though I have to admit, shapeshifting would rock.

  12. Great post. I'm in love with the Wonder Woman pic! My special power? Multiplying myself, so I could work on a ton of projects at once. :) Marie


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