Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Star Cruise: Outbreak #Scifi Audiobook Sample + Giveaway

Posted by: Veronica Scott
This was me last year, recording my bit part as a Star Trek Crew Member in a special audiobook. I don't narrate my own!
Since June was officially Audiobook Month and I had a new release, I thought I'd post the soundcloud sample here today. I'll also give away a free Audible.com download credit for the book to THREE randomly selected commenters on this post - the question is: Where do you prefer to listen to audiobooks and why? Or if you've never tried an audiobook, what's keeping you from trying them?

I'll announce the THREE winners on our Monday Here Be News feature on this blog and on our Facebook page.

Here's the story for Star Cruise:Outbreak:
She saved countless soldiers in the wars … but does she have the weapons to fight an outbreak?
Dr. Emily Shane, veteran of the Sector Wars, is known as “The Angel of Fantalar” for her bravery under fire as a medic. However, the doctor has her own war wounds–severe PTSD and guilt over those she failed to save.
Persuaded to fill a seemingly frivolous berth as ship’s doctor on the huge and luxurious interstellar cruise liner Nebula Zephyr, she finds the job brings unexpected perks–a luxe beach deck with water imported from Tahumaroa II, and Security Officer Jake Dilon, a fellow veteran who heats her up like a tropical sun.
However, Emily soon learns she and Jake didn’t leave all peril behind in the war. A mysterious ailment aboard the Zephyr begins to claim victim after victim … and they must race against time and space to find the cause and a cure! Trapped on a ship no spaceport will allow to dock, their efforts are complicated by a temperamental princess and a terrorist–one who won’t hesitate to take down any being in the way of his target.  If anyone’s left when the disease is through with them…
The book is a double SFR Galaxy Award Winner by the way!

Here's the sound sample:

Buy Links: Amazon     Audible     iTunes

I have four more scifi audiobooks - here's the link to all the info on my blog: https://veronicascott.wordpress.com/audiobooks/


  1. Oooh! That sounds wonderful, you must be so excited Veronica! :D

  2. Great excerpt. I do love audio books!


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