Friday, June 16, 2017

Feed Your Book Habit (Without Stealing From Your Grocery Budget)

Posted by: Shawna Reppert

Are you wanting to find some new authors to get excited about but don’t want to shell out for a book that might disappoint? Or are you simply looking for a new way to feed your reading addiction without starving yourself on ramen soup and box mac and cheese? There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free book.  Lots of free books, actually. Lots and lots of free books in almost any genre you can name.

No, I’m not talking about pirate sites. Piracy is stealing from artists, a very bad thing to do which will surely result in bad karma for lifetimes to come (and in this lifetime as well, since you are risking downloading a nasty virus with every work you steal.)

I’m talking about Instafreebie, a site authors go to in order to give away sneak previews, teaser chapters, tie-in short stories and, yes, even whole novels. Absolutely no strings attached, though many works may be available for a limited time only.

While would authors do this? Because we’re confident enough of our writing to think that you might like what you read enough to buy something else we’ve written. Or we hope you might drift over to Amazon when you’re done reading and look up the same work in order to leave a review. (Little-known fact: you do not have to have purchased a book on Amazon in order to leave a review on Amazon.) In my case, it’s a little of both; I’m currently giving away copies of The Beast Within, a short-story prequel to my steampunk Victorian detective novel A Hunt by Moonlight. My fellow author Dale Ivan Smith used Instafreebie quite successfully to create buzz for his fabulous Empowered. superhero urban fantasy series. (Hint: the prequel is still available for free!)

Right now is a great time to try out Instafreebie! Over 100 science fiction and fantasy authors (including Dale and myself) have banded together to offer a June SFFBook Bonanza! While you’re checking it out, be sure to scroll through the offerings. About halfway down you you can enter to win a Kindle paperwhite!

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