Sunday, March 19, 2017

What Do Readers Want From a Giveaway?

Posted by: Linda Mooney
It seems that everywhere you turn, an author is offering a giveaway in conjunction with their newest release. At first, their main freebie was a copy of their book. That soon morphed into gift cards. Sometimes it was even a Kindle.

Seriously, if your favorite author (or any author) is offering a giveaway, what could they have as the grand prize that would entice you to enter their contest?

Below is a list of possibilities. Feel free to suggest something that isn't mentioned. Authors, what do readers want from you?

* a free ebook
* a signed print book
* jewelry
* a gift card
* miscellaneous swag (bookmarks, etc.)
* a Kindle
* ___________

Note! If you comment below, you'll be in the hat for a $5 Amazon gift card! International readers are welcome!


  1. I like GC or ebooks but sure wouldn't say no to a kindle! Being an international reader it's nice to be given the option of an ebook instead of print.

    1. Funny you say that, because I always thought international readers got ebooks instead of print (because of the cost of shipping). Thanks for mentioning it! :)

  2. Love GCs cause every body in the family already has a Kindle

  3. Linda and Pamk, email me your email addys at Linda @ LindaMooney .com. I'm sending you both a $5 Amazon GC just for being nice enough to comment. Thanks much! :)


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