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The Genie Is out of the Bottle

Posted by: R.L. Naquin
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Zoey’s story in Monster Haven has been done for a year. It wrapped up with book six, Phoenix in My Fortune. Not so with Zoey’s friend Kam, the escaped djinn. She stuck with Zoey for four books (I’d only planned for her to be in book three and maybe book six, but she grew on me). In the end, she went off into the world on her own when most of the other character’s stories in Monster Haven wrapped up.

Well, four years after I dreamed her into existence, Kam is finally getting her own story told. I’ve signed a three-book contract with Carina Press for Kam’s Djinn Haven spinoff series.

Kam’s out there working as a freelance soul chaser, solving mysteries, beating up bad guys, running from the past she never shared with us before, and trying to reverse the disfigurement that caused her to lose a third of her magic.

You guys, Kam is so much fun to write. I loved writing Zoey, but she was the straight man. Kam’s hilarious. She has no filters, and her life experience is limited to random episodes over the last one-hundred years when she escaped captivity. Kam will use the word “gams” in the same sentence as “rad” without batting an eye.

The first book in the series is called To Catch a Stolen Soul. I don’t have a tentative release date for it, yet. I’ll let you know when I do. Some of the other titles I’m playing with for future entries are To Save a Lonely Aegis, To Chase a Fallen Reaper, and To Love an Angry Monster. Those aren’t set in stone, but I have ideas for all of them. And unlike Monster Haven, Djinn Haven isn’t set up to necessarily end at any set point. And the romance storyline? Way more complicated than what we had with Monster Haven. Kam’s hiding something. She’s been hiding something for a hundred years.

So. I hope I’ve dropped enough teasers to get you interested. I still have one more Mt. Olympus Employment Agency: Muse book to bring you before I switch over to Kam’s first book. And Kam’s only coming once a year for now while I continue writing Mt. Olympus books. (What’s next? Furies? Oracles? Fates? I’m not sure yet.)

I’m also going on vacation for a little while because, damn, I’m worn out. So, hang with me a bit longer. I have a lot more stories to tell you of monsters, mythical creatures, gods and goddesses, and urban legends.

I haven’t used up all my words yet.

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