Sunday, April 17, 2016

Flash Fiction Challenge

Posted by: Cindy Spencer Pape

Welcome to Here be Magic's Flash Fiction Challenge!

We had 12 words. You should find them all in the snippet below:  

Hallucinating * Calculator * Abomination * Cobra * Acrobat * Attachment 
* phantom * vigilante * revenge * miracle * ocean * ecology

They called him a vigilante, out for revenge, but all he wanted to do was make sure the abomination known as the Cobra never got a chance to hurt anyone else. 

When Jenny had died, the shrinks had told Kyle he was hallucinating. Owens Petrochemical had a perfect reputation for maintaining the ecology and the purity of the ocean, though they admitted to using the tidewater to cool their machines. There was no way that Richard Owens had let one of his experiments get out of hand, let alone doing harm to a sweet young intern.

But Kyle knew better. He’d been there when Owens transformed into the giant snake and killed the only girl to whom Kyle had ever had a serious attachment. Though he was a math student, more at home with a calculator than a romance novel, he’d even planned out his proposal. Now, not even a miracle could bring Jenny back. But the bastard who’d killed her could be brought to justice.

Kyle knew that, even as he trained with a retired circus acrobat, who’d also been a cat burglar. He’d always dabbled in martial arts, and now he increased his training. His electrical engineering roommate had built all the spy gear Kyle needed to learn exactly what Owens was up to. He’d done plenty of reconnaissance. In six months, six interns had gone missing from Owens. That was more than just coincidence.

It was a full moon tonight. The Cobra would strike again. But this time, the Phantom would be waiting.

* * * * * 

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