Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Being Kind--To Yourself

Posted by: Joely Sue Burkhart
We do everything. We work, haul kids around, pay bills, file taxes, cook dinner, do the shopping, try to balance the budget...

Somebody's got to go to the school conferences, the work conferences, and if you're incredibly lucky, a reader's conference like RT which just wrapped up in Vegas this weekend.  (I didn't go this year, but it's a wonderful experience if you can go!)

Then there's the chores. House. Yard. Homework. Doctor's appointments.

We schedule and plan and bullet list weeks, months, and even years in advance, trying to take care of everybody.

But do you actually slot in time for YOU?

I'm not talking about doctor's appointments or work meetings -- but time to just take care of yourself. Something that makes you feel good. 

This is something I really struggle with.  In a perfect world, our families would telepathically know when we need a break or a boost, but let's face it.  I'm lucky if someone will help me with the dishes, let alone say, "Honey, why don't you go take a nice long bath and let me do these dishes..."  Hahahaha, that never happens, at least in my household!

It has taken me awhile, but I've finally made an effort to take those breaks for myself.  The dishes can wait an hour or two and if I'm extremely lucky, someone might decide to do them for me.  (I'm not waiting because I'm pretty sure hell will freeze over first.)  I'm going to read a book.  Take a nice long bath. Drop in some essential oils.  Or maybe even make a fizzy bath bomb to enjoy.  Sit on the deck and have a glass of wine.  (Not while taking a bath though. I'm sure the neighbors would be traumatized.)

Whatever it takes. I need that downtime to find the creative well inside and bring it forth.

I need to stop all the frantic to-dos and add one important slot every single week.  Time to be kind to myself.

What kinds of things make you feel rested and refreshed, ready to face another mountain of tasks in your life?


  1. so important to take those breaks, yes! great post. :-)

    1. I'm getting better at it but it does take a deliberate "plan" to make it happen.


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