Thursday, October 9, 2014

I've Been Meaning...

Posted by: Regan Summers
I was going to write this craaaazy good post tonight. Like, it was so good. There were laughs, there were tears. It was romantic. It was thought-provoking. But then I ended up rushing my cat to the vet and spent four hours in and out of exam rooms while a giant four-year old (human) did everything in his capacity to anger my cat and myself. Also, he turned the lights on and off a couple of times which made a black lab go ballistic.

So, pretend none of that happened and you’re reading an outstanding post that’s practically a list of all of your favorite things.

Like that TV show you’ve been looking forward to all summer that came back and it’s even better than you thought! Remember that episode where the one person did that thing and everyone was like “that’ll never work!” but it did and it didn’t feel contrived. Ah, that was the best.

And that book you’ve been waiting for? Released, weeks early. Go. Go straight to your nearest bookstore and pick a copy up. You’re gonna love it.

You know that restaurant you’ve been hoping to be able to squeeze into, maybe after a financial windfall and for a special occasion? Congratulations. That business card you put into a fishbowl a year ago was drawn, and you’ve won dinner for two (or six, if you’re one of those weird social people)!

Actually, why do you need to read a post to have all these things. Go: explore something you've been meaning to fall in love with.


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