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How the Characters Fell In Love - Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted by: Veronica Scott
UPDATE February 15, 2013 - Amy S and June M were our randomly selected gift card winners - thanks to everyone for stopping by and commenting!

For this Valentine's Day post, the group at Here Be Magic decided to talk about how their hero and heroine fell in love, or what about each other set off the spark of attraction. Leave a comment about which pair of lovers in fiction is your favorite and be entered to win one of two $10.00 Amazon gift cards. (Winners to be randomly selected at 4:00 PM PST) February 15th.) We've only listed one book from each author and given one eBook buy link each in the interests of space. Here's wishing you the Magic of Romance!

Angela Campbell
Reporter Andrea Lockhart doesn’t want to fall in love with Sean Hunter, the arrogant newspaper editor who never noticed her when they were classmates in college. But his protectiveness towards her now as she investigates mysterious sightings of a dangerous beast in his hometown slowly wins her over. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s still the hottest man she’s ever laid eyes on!

Annie Nicholas
Koishi is a dragon gatekeeper who falls in love with Sandra a human woman desperate and courageous enough to make a deal with him to save her dying sister.

Cindy Spencer Pape
Karen fell a little in love with Warner when he rescued her from a pair of drunken frat boys back in college. The clincher, though, was meeting him again ten years later—now that he’s grown from a party animal with a good heart to a good man who knows what he wants.

Eleri Stone
Ily, a down-on-her-luck mage, falls in love with Kal when she discovers there's more to the ruthless businessman and arrogant aristo than she originally believes. Beneath his polished veneer, Kal is smart and kind, generous and willing to risk everything--his wealth, reputation and life--for the people he loves.

Janni Nell
Allegra loves her guardian angel, Casper, because of his kindness, courage and sense of humor. It doesn't hurt that he's also tall, built and handsome.

Jax Garren
HOW BEAUTY SAVED THE BEAST (Book 2 in the Tales of the Underlight)
Burlesque dancer and beautiful heiress Jolie Benoit falls in love with the working-class, scarred soldier Wesley "Hauk" Haukon because of his selflessness, inner strength and sense of humor despite all that's happened to him. She enjoys working with him as an agent of the Underlight, exposing unethical corporations through dubious legal means of their own, and, of course, she's never forgotten their first explosive sensual encounter before she'd seen his scars.

Seleste DeLaney
Warrior-woman Ever doesn't believe in love, but when she meets her perfect match, she can't resist the lure of Captain Spencer Pierce for long. And when these opposites collide, there's no way to keep the sparks from flying.

Nicole Luiken
The idea of falling in love with a beautiful, spoiled noblewoman is preposterous, but when Lance and Sara are thrown together on a perilous journey Lance begins to see another side to her: a wild girl struggling to escape the confines of Temborian society. Her bravery and passion earn his love.

PG Forte
Ophelia was beautiful, talented, cultured, refined. She was fascinating, enchanting and utterly adorable. She was, in short, everything Dario had ever hoped for in a wife.

Ruth A. Casie
Rebeka Tyler never thought herself a warrior, renown authority on medieval and renaissance studies, yes, a martial arts amateur, absolutely, a warrior, definitely not. Tossed into the 17th century, she's plunged into the midst of a struggle between two druid masters. While she tries to decode the ancient runes and unearth a family secret in order to return she physically fights for her life against the dark druid, Bran, and struggles emotionally with the druid knight, Lord Arik, and the truth about their past. Neither Rebeka or Arik can succeed by themselves, they must partner in order to win. But it will cost her dearly, her heart, and, if she's lucky her future.

Shawna Thomas
Sara was focused on only one thing as she set out across the desert lands: Get to the other side alive. She was cautious, but not worried. On their small, deserted island, her grandfather had meticulously trained her to survive in almost any circumstance. But nothing could have prepared her for the magnetic attraction she feels for the fierce leader of the Heleini, a nomadic desert tribe. Against her better judgment, she's drawn by his rugged good looks and charm, but it's his gentleness and the love he has for his young son that is her undoing.

Shona Husk
When Nik first sees Isla he’s attracted to her—she’s beautiful and has the book that belongs to him—but he ends up falling for because she doesn’t fall at his feet the way most mortals do. She is a challenge and she makes him realize how shallow his existence has been. His life as a water elemental has been eons of nothing compared to the time he has spent as a mortal.

Veronica Scott
WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM (2013 SFR Galaxy Award Winner)
Special Forces Captain Nick Jameson falls in love with Mara Lyrae, the businesswoman and fellow passenger he's trying to save in the midst of galactic disaster, because of her courage and smarts. She stays with him every step of the way as they battle overwhelming odds to rescue others and keep the dying ship from falling into enemy hands. Of course before the wreck he sure noticed her beautiful eyes and long legs!

So please leave us a comment about your favorite fictional lovers and be entered in the random drawing for one of two $10.00 Amazon gift cards to be given away!



  1. I love these! They are all so different my tbr list just got a lot longer : ) Great job, ladies.

  2. I have to pick only one? I just can't.

    I love couples who really understand each other and who have angst that make me swoon. Because I am obsessed with P&P and, recently, the Lizzie Bennet Diaires, I am going to have to pick Elizabeth and Darcy.

    1. Always a classic and wonderful choice! Can't go wrong with Elizabeth and Darcy!

  3. I like fictional lovers who can be sweet and protective of their loved ones. He can be bad or good, but no matter what hell willing to fight for those he care about. Some of my favorite is Zsadist from the BDB series, all of the men from Susan Elizabeth Phillips's books (so funny). I like Cat and Bone's chemistry from the Night Huntress series. They are always entertaining. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Na S.

    1. Ooh, Zsadist...yum. He's right up there around the toip of MY list too.

  4. My favorite ones are from The Magic of You by Johanna Lindsey, Amy Malory and Warren Anderson.

  5. No matter how many books I read my favorite couple of all time is still Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy!

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. It's hard to pick a favorite couple because I've enjoyed so many. I think I'd choose Jennifer Estep's Gin Blanco and Owen Grayson from her Elemental Assassin series.

  8. Thanks for that list! Just added to my wishlist.

    My current fav couple is Miranda & (Lord Benjamin) Archer from Kristen Callihan's Firelight.

  9. Nalini Singh does excellent couples. :D But my very favorite couple from the Psy-Changeling series is Mercy and Riley :D


  10. I love most of Kresley Cole's couples--they just fit together so well! I think I'd have to go with Cade the rage demon and Holly the OCD halfing, though.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. I really love the couples in Kallypso Masters' s Rescue Me series. All the characters are so realistically written that you just feel like you know them.
    Hope you had a great Valentine's Day :)
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com


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