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Here Be News

Posted by: Eleri Stone
 Our new releases this week

Althea Grant's Charleston gallery might be suffering from the bad economy, and her artistic aspirations have gone nowhere, but she's doing just fine, thank you. When bad-boy sculptor Steel rides up on his motorcycle looking to rent studio space, his infusion of cash is more than welcome. But his art is raw, visceral, sexual--and completely inappropriate for her pastel world of watercolor landscapes.

Steel, fascinated by Althea's rare albino coloring, sees in her the key to his next piece: a metal satyr designed for bondage games. Moving into her gallery basement is the first step; seducing the cool Southern belle into modeling for him is the second.

As Steel peels away her careful manners and tasteful outfits, Althea begins to realize her life isn't just fine at all--it's as pale and washed-out as the watercolor paintings she's failing to sell. Can she transform her life and accept her most secret desires?



Eliana, now available from Loose Id

Eliana's never asked for help in her life and doesn't want to start now, but when she's attacked by an incubus and saved by Kon, a gifted healer too beautiful to be real, she's too hurting and hungry to refuse. Kon offers to help her in her search to find her Lakota father's family, and Eliana reluctantly agrees to let him and his half-incubus partner, Dane, drive her north.

The trip gets interesting when Eliana witnesses Dane spanking a willing, naked Kon. Wounded physically and emotionally, Eliana had given up on the idea of ever enjoying sex, but seeing the two of them--and having erotic dreams--makes her yearn to give Kon the pain he craves. Dane agrees to share his lover and teach her the art of domination--but then she finds out Kon has been keeping a devastating secret, one that will put their lives at risk.

Hurt and furious, Eliana leaves and is determined to forget Kon and Dane completely. Though when Dane brings word that Kon is deathly ill and asking for her, Eliana must find the courage to do what she's never done before--fall in love. Twice.



Home is where the heart bleeds.

Children of Night, Book 3

Growing up, vampire-born twins Julie and Marc Fischer were taught one simple fact of life: you can choose your food, but not your family. Six months after moving to San Francisco, though, the new challenges and choices each are facing are a Gordian knot of complicated.

Marc must decide whether to stay with Conrad and Damian, the only family he’s ever known, or embrace his destiny and the unexpected family—the ferals—that comes along with it. Meanwhile, Julie is forced to deal with the unpleasant realization that the man she loves isn’t necessarily the man who’s best for her.

For Conrad and Damian, the holiday season is stirring up bittersweet memories, and neither can keep from revisiting past passion and pain. 

Faced with new mysteries to solve, new alliances to forge, new secrets to keep, and old relationships to rebuild, it’s no wonder the Fischer-Quintano vampires long for the good old days—when food was food and family was all that mattered. 
Product Warnings
If you’ve previously suffered from Disco Fever, this book could precipitate a relapse. Extreme care is recommended for anyone with a pronounced weakness for mistletoe, fang play, pretty young men of either species or extremely dangerous alpha-male vampire single dads. May contain trace amounts of polyester. 

Links of Interest

DRM Lawsuit Filed By Independent Bookstores Against Amazon, 'Big Six' Publishers: "The class-action that by entering into confidential agreements with the Big Six publishers, who control approximately 60 percent of print book revenue in the U.S., Amazon has created a monopoly in the marketplace that is designed to control prices and destroy independent booksellers."

Half of Amazon Book Sales are Planned Purchases: "...this single statistic, that nearly half of Amazon’s book sales come from people who already know what they want and are simply using Amazon as a way to get it, has huge implications."

7 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Book Sales Without Even Realizing It: "1.  You Wait Until After Your Book Is Published To Start Promoting It"

The Mystery of the Book Sales Spike: How Are Some Authors Landing On Best-Seller Lists? They're Buying Their Way

Debut author gets 7-figure book deal for fantasy trilogy inspired in part by President Barack Obama: "The publisher is billing the books as a female version of George R.R. Martin's 'Game of Thrones.'"

Here Be Magic Group Announcements

New Audio Book – Veronica Scott’s 2013 SFR Galaxy Award winning WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM has just been released in audio book format and is wonderfully narrated by actor Michael Riffle. Veronica interviews Michael on her blog today about the experience. The book is available for kindle, in paperback and audio on Amazon.

A new contract:

Eleri Stone's REAPER'S TOUCH, about a heroine entrusted with the power to save her world from a horde of slathering half-human monsters, and the darkly attractive man who has combatted the disease for two hundred years, to Angela James at Carina Press, in a two-book deal, for publication in 2014, by Sara Megibow at Nelson Literary Agency (World).

And last but not least...cover reveals!

May 20, 2013


  1. Congrats to Jeffe, PG, and Evey on the new releases, PG and Shawna on the covers, and to Veronica for the audio release!


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