Monday, February 13, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive

Posted by: J.K. Coi
Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I ask myself every year whether hubby will surprise me with something, but you know what?

He rarely does.

Some people would say he isn’t romantic, or that he doesn’t care. But I know the truth.

My big bad Italian hubby isn’t one for telling me he loves me. I may not get roses on Valentine’s Day, and we may not go out to an expensive dinner. But two weeks ago my husband, who has said for years that he will never get a dog because they’re too much work…told me I could have a puppy. And you know why he did it? Because he knew it would make me happy and he loves me so much he’ll put up with pee on the kitchen floor, and chewed running shoes, and that wet doggy smell.

I’m all for a day of romance as much as the next person, but even more important are the days when there aren’t any expectations yet the coffee is made for me when I get up in the morning, and the laundry has magically been folded while I was writing madly to make a deadline. My husband knows that my favourite treat is a cannoli (Mmmmm Cannolis) and one random day that really meant nothing in the grand scheme of things, I came home to find that he’d looked up a recipe, gone out for the ingredients and made some from scratch. Those were the best cannoli’s I have ever had.

So no, I don’t expect fancy declarations, or anything else tomorrow. And that’s perfectly fine. I probably won’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day for him either…then again, he’s going ice fishing next week and I know when he gets home he’ll really appreciate seeing a big pot of my homemade squash soup and fresh bread waiting for him.

What little things does your loved one do for you throughout the year to show their love, besides the big gestures?

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JK Coi


  1. I used to (when we first got married) give my husband grief about never buying me flowers. Then I had to explain why plants were not the same thing.

    Now he brings me flowers, not on the "special" days (we don't really do those), but when I sound like I might have had a rough one or he's been gone on a business trip or... whatever. Sometimes he goes overboard, but I love that he understnads what they mean to me now :)

  2. It's wonderful that your husband listened and remembered, and he pays attention to see when you might need that extra expression of love and support!

  3. He always opens the car door for me. Always. He'll also text me occasionally with a simple "I love you". Its the unexpected and little things that matter.

  4. That's very sweet. These little things make the world go 'round! I'm always surprised when I hear stories about all the break-ups that happened the day after Valentine's Day because someone was disappointed with the lack of effort their love interest put into Valentine’s Day. Have they expressed their commitment and desire at other times throughout the year? Are they generally thoughtful and considerate to your needs? If so, why the hell does it always have to come down to this one day?

  5. Hahaha. And after all this....hubby surprised me with a Valentine's Day gift today :) COOKIES!!!

  6. My husband does lots of little things throughout the year, including taking our kid to the movies for "guy's afternoon out" so Mommy can have a bit of peace and quiet on the weekends.

  7. Love is expressed in so many different ways. Food and puppies are two of the best. :-)


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