Friday, February 8, 2019

Mysterious beasts — Fact or fiction?

Posted by: Angela Campbell
Last night I had some spare time to kill – unusual for me — plus I was trying to think of something fun to post about here today. I turned on the TV and discovered a new show on the Travel Channel on demand called "Legend Hunter" that I am now somewhat obsessed with. What caught my attention was an episode in which the host, Pat Spain, traveled to Wisconsin to investigate the Beast of Bray Road.

My first book, "Cry Wolf" from Carina Press, was inspired by this legend. I've seen countless documentaries about it, read books, you name it. I've always been fascinated by this urban legend out of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, where residents in the 80s and 90s reported numerous werewolf sightings. Back when I was researching my story for "Cry Wolf," I even interviewed some folks who had sightings of the beast in a cornfield. Yes, modern-day werewolves in cornfields. How can you not love a hook like that?

Anyway, Pat Spain set out to determine what the Beast of Bray Road really is, according to science.

I should have turned the TV off right there. And I won't spoil it for you if you're interested in seeing for yourself what he deduced. I admit, he's probably right. But I don't like it.

By day, I'm a journalist, and I try to look for both sides of the story; I dig for the facts to back up claims. That half of me enjoyed the show, I admit.

The other half was gritting her teeth by the end and yelling, "Nooooo! That's a stupid explanation!" at my TV. You can ask my cat because she was not amused by my reaction.

Maybe it's the creative writer in me who prefers to leave the mystery unsolved. As much as I love Nessie and want to travel to Scotland to go looking for her, I honestly would rather not know if there's a lake monster in Loch Ness. It's so much more romantic to believe in the possibility that there's a dinosaur in that lake than to accept the scientific explanations of what Nessie could be.

Some people call me an idiot for that, but I just smile and glance over at my "I want to believe" poster — a throwback from my X-Files fan club membership that I can't bear to throw away. 

Is there an urban legend you heard growing up that you still believe in? Share it below. You know you want to...and I want to hear about it!

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