Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Journey From Book to Audiobook

Posted by: Linda Mooney

The journey of a book becoming an audiobook is often as rocky, if not rockier, than getting the book written in the first place. Sometimes you strike it rich, and end up with a narrator you’ll want to hire over and over again. And sometimes you end up with a narrator you wish you’d never hired in the first place. That’s life. That’s the luck of the draw.

But sometimes, when you find a narrator you would love to have do more of your books, you may not be so lucky to re-hire them. There could be any number of factors which prevents that narrator from working with you again.

·       They may be booked up for an extended length of time, perhaps a year or more in advance.
·       They may no longer be doing narrations.
·       Their cost may have become prohibitive.
·       They’re ill/incapacitated, real life has intruded, or you simply can’t reach them.

These are just a few reasons why you as a listener may discover that a series you’ve come to love has a different voice reading it. But know that the person who’s been hired is the closest match to the original narrator that the author could find. Also, keep in mind that the narrator is doing the best s/he can to fill the shoes of their predecessor.

Television shows, and sometimes movies, have been known to change the face of a major character, in lieu of killing off that character. Changing narrators in mid-audio series isn’t that different.

So the next time you’ve discovered there’s been a switch in who’s reading the book aloud, give the narrator a chance, and see if s/he grows on you. You may soon find yourself getting lost in the story to where the main voice no longer matters.

And that’s the mark of a superb narrator.


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Book 2 of The Battle Lord Saga
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Hear a Sample

Besieged by Bloods and placed on a hunger watch, the citizens of the mutant compound of Wallis turn to the one person they pray will help, the Battle Lord of Alta Novis.  Despite the fact that they took away the woman the man risked his life to love, they hope he will show mercy and lend aid.  They never expected to find Atrilan Ferran alive and thriving as the wife of Yulen D'Jacques.   

Yulen sees this as the perfect opportunity to show the citizens of Atty's home compound the power and status his wife wields.  But first he, Atty, and his soldiers have to risk the journey against the oncoming horde of blood-thirsty crazies to get there. 

Atty is eager to return to Wallis, but one small detail stands in the way of her and Yulen's happiness.  He desires an heir, and she is terrified at the thought of becoming pregnant.  Worse, the dangerous trek has increased his ardor, and she is running out of excuses why they can't make love.

Warning:  Contains a near massacre, renewed friendships, shocking revelations, birth control 300 years in the future, a trip down memory lane, and a deepest desire finally fulfilled.

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