Friday, May 11, 2018

Romance and Mother's Day

Posted by: Ruth A Casie

The family is getting together Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day with a big brunch. Instead of anyone cooking, we’re going to a local family style restaurant. I’ve been saving calories all week to enjoy a stack of pancakes that my husband will finish.
Last Thursday, I stood at a rack of Mother’s Day cards to buy one for each of my two daughters. This is always a long process. I make every effort to get cards that have the right sentiment and reflect something of their personality. It took some time, but I came away successful.
There are others in our group, Cori’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law. I searched for cards for them as well and found myself smiling.
I promised you romance. Let me back up a bit. This past weekend our son, Ari received his Master’s Degree in Cyber Security. 
Paul and I, along with our daughters and their families went to Boston for graduation. Saturday, Ari and his girlfriend Kate had a Cinco de Mayo graduation party. Ari thanked everyone for their support and help. He saved the best for last, thanking Kate. He turned to her and told her how he couldn’t have made it through grad school without her, he couldn’t do anything without her, and the truth of the matter is he didn’t ever want to be without her. He got on his knee and proposed.
His friends were curious why Kate was so surprised. Surely, she picked out her ring. Well, no. The ring belonged to Ari’s great grandmother, Ida, who gave it to my mother Grandma Jessie, who gave it to Uncle Alan, who gave it to me to hold for Ari. My mom is no longer with us. I know she would have been pleased to see Ari and Kate so happy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the backyard.
Last Thursday, standing at the card rack, while I still reveled in the excitement from the weekend and looked forward to Sunday, I found myself thinking of the Mother's Days of finger paint pictures, pasta necklaces and single carnations. I browsed reading the sentiments and realized what a wonderful, loving family. So, Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. Ha-ha! The last picture just spoke the truth. It is such a cute post! My parents are going to love it. My brother and I have also planned a surprise for our mom and I will be decorating the event space Atlanta for the Mother’s Day celebration and I will order a bottle for her, she absolutely needs it.


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