Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From Print to Silver Screen - What Books Would You Like to See Made Into Film?

Posted by: Linda Mooney
Have you ever been in the mood for a good romantic movie?

There've been many times when I've wanted to watch one, rather than read one. But the past few times I've rented a "romance" movie, or caught one on cable, either the hero or heroine dies, or they don't have an HEA. That's when I got to thinking. What books have I read in the past would I like see become a feature film?

One question I often get asked, other than "Where do you get your ideas?", is "Which book of yours would you like see as a movie?" That answer is simple. It's The Battle Lord's Lady. In fact, I can easily see the entire Battle Lord Saga becoming a mini-series. The idea of it coming to life is a nice fantasy I'll never see actually happening, but it makes for terrific daydreaming.

Is there a particular book you'd like to see brought to film? Or maybe anything by an author you especially like?

Authors, which of your own books would you like see get the Hollywood treatment?

Oh, and since we're on the subject, I'd love recommendations for good, schmaltzy, HEA movies.

(The DVDs pictured above are from my special stash of guilty pleasures.)

The D'Jacques Dynasty, Book 1
Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance

Word Count: 64.5K
$3.99 e

As the youngest Battle Prince, Lucien D'Jacques is discouraged because the affinities with weapons that his siblings have shown aren’t showing up in him. Being half-Mutah, that little something extra should be a given, but he’s no better than the average Normal soldier.

Meanwhile, the Damaged are back and slowly taking over. After receiving word that neighboring compounds are suffering, Lucien is tapped by his parents, Yulen and Atty, the Battle Lord and Lady of Alta Novis, to accompany them on a rescue mission to Green River. Now would be a great time for those specialties to shine.

When fighting an invisible enemy, it’s almost impossible to tell who is friend or foe. But if left unchecked, that enemy could wipe out all Mutah. It’s up to the D’Jacques, with the help of their army and newfound allies, to defeat the Bloods and stop the spread of the maddening disease, before it’s too late.

Warning! Contains sneezing, tainted blood, mutant insects, rabid bats, a diabolical plan, a fake battle lord, a haunted compound, and one man trying to prove himself as he struggles to survive.

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