Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bring It Back(list) with Jenny Schwartz

Posted by: Jenny Schwartz
I absolutely love reading paranormal romance novels with kick-ass heroines, so I wrote my own! Demon Hunter was enormous fun to write. Fay, the heroine, is an immensely powerful heroine dedicated to keeping ordinary people safe from all the scary magical beings and happenings in the world. The worst of these are the demons, so Fay has become a demon hunter for the Collegium. But when she is professionally and personally betrayed, she breaks her oath ties to the only home she's ever known - only to discover that she is the Collegium's sole hope of survival. She has to go back.

With a wild leopard shifter mercenary hunting her - he believes she's his mate - Fay's life is changing forever ... if she survives a devious, powerful demonic plot!

After I wrote and published Demon Hunter I found that I couldn't just leave the world I'd created. Six more Collegium stories followed, only one of which directly focused on Fay and Steve - Djinn Justice. So now there are demons and dragons, witches and shifters rampaging around the world and it's all my fault! Yay!

You can read the complete Collegium series free in Kindle Unlimited.

Excerpt from Demon Hunter

Fay Olwen walked cautiously through LaGuardia Airport. Security checks and luggage collection had been negotiated successfully, but her tiredness, the confusion of people and the knowledge that some magic users saw weakness as opportunity kept her scanning the crowd. With a demon in her pocket, she couldn’t afford to be challenged.

“If you continue ignoring me, people will guess I’m a bodyguard,” Steve Jekyll said.

He walked beside her with the deceptive slouch of a hunting cat, aware of everything and waiting for prey. The slouch matched his height to hers, six feet of daunting strength and speed. His dark hair and skin carried a hint of the Arabian deserts where his ancestors had hunted. He was a were-leopard, a mercenary and currently, her self-appointed guardian.

She hitched her bag higher on her shoulder. “I told you I’d manage.”

“Yeah, but I watched you crawl out of the grave two days ago.”Not literally.”

“Damn near.” He met her eyes for a second, the dark brown lightening to aroused leopard.

She dropped her gaze. Magic had healed the broken bones and vicious wounds inflicted by the demon, but her mind remembered. Two days ago she had touched death in the jungle. A lesser magic user would have died.

The silver disk in her pocket heated and burned with the memory. She knew it was a sensation created by her damaged mind and spirit, but she strengthened the amulet’s warding anyway. LaGuardia didn’t need a demon loose in its environs. She flinched at the thought.

“You should have banished it,” Steve growled.

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