Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Meaning of Flowers

Posted by: Janni Nell
When I realized my latest release was going to feature British ghosts from the time of Queen Victoria, I knew I wanted to use flowers and their special meanings as part of the clues for solving the mystery. Those Victorians could say a whole lot with a simple bouquet of flowers, but there was a catch. Some flowers had more than one meaning, which is tricky in real life, but awesome for writing a mystery.

During my research I found out some interesting things about the flowers that were included in the bouquet of Catherine Middleton when she married Prince William. Lily of the Valley means trustworthiness or happiness, both of which are desirable in a marriage. Hyacinth has different meanings depending on color. White hyacinth was chosen for the wedding bouquet. It means constancy of love. Myrtle—meaning love and marriage—has been included in the bouquets of royal brides since Queen Victoria married Albert. The myrtle in Catherine's bouquet even came from the same plant that was in Queen Victoria's garden all those years ago. Ivy means fidelity, friendship and affection. Things every bride would wish for. Sweet William was a cute nod to the groom, but it also means gallantry.

While researching the meaning of flowers I began to look at my own garden in a whole new way. 

I discovered that, in Victorian times, dahlias meant a lasting bond and commitment between two people.

Petunias are such pretty flowers it’s hard to believe they indicate anger and resentment. Thankfully there’s an alternative meaning of wanting to seek comfort with another person.

Camellias have different meanings depending on color. Red means you're a flame in my heart, and white indicates adoration, perfection, loveliness. Pink means longing. 

Finding out the meaning of flowers can be fun. What does your garden mean?


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