Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Holiday Shenanigans

Posted by: Cindy Spencer Pape
What to get your favorite writer for the holidays? Here are a few suggestions:

1) All the lovely t-shirts and hoodies, and fingerless gloves with book text or other writerly stuff printed on them.

2) Pens. Paper. Pretty inks. Almost every writer I know uses a computer but is a closet stationery junkie.

3) Your voice. Talk about her books. (Buy her books!) Most importantly, leave a review of her books!

Wishing each and every one of you a magical holiday season. BTW, Keep an eye on my page. I've got a whole lot of rights reverting soon, so a whole bunch of new editions will be hitting the virtual shelves. Today's treat is this yummy knight, the hero of Beltane Lion: a medieval fantasy romance based on the story of Tam Lin. this lickable new cover is by Carey Abbott of Safari Heat. The yummy new ending is by yours truly!

by Cindy Spencer Pape

Rhodri of Llyan has returned from the Crusades a cursed man. On the way home to Wales, a young friend is sorely injured. Rhodri seeks the aid of Selene, whose gift for healing is as uncanny as her beauty.

Selene’s magic can cure wounds, but she isn’t sure she can break the curse or heal the wounds on Rhodri’s heart? He offers a favor, but Selene is determined to use that to help them both, and maybe bring about the future filled with love that they both dream of

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