Sunday, November 6, 2016

Giving Thanks for Random Stuff

Posted by: Janni Nell
Out of all the American holidays, Thanksgiving is the one I think should be celebrated worldwide. Okay, the awesome food is one reason.  But there’s more. I’ve been doing some historical research lately and it’s made me aware of many things we take for granted in the modern world. So today I'm giving thanks for:

Flushing toilets—I’ve had firsthand experience of using what was little more than a tin drum with a toilet seat plonked on top. It came complete with ripped up sheets of newspaper instead of toilet rolls. The ‘tin drum’ was emptied every couple of days so you can imagine the stink right before ‘empty day’. Ugh!

Reliable birth control—I love my kids, but I’m so glad I got to choose when and how many.

Computers – how the heck did I write books without one? And, as for this post, it simply wouldn’t exist without the magic of computers.

Household Appliances—Back in the day, women could spend an entire day doing the household washing. So I’m giving thanks for washing machines and dishwashers and vacuum cleaners and all those other devices that make housework easier. And give me more time to write.

The Right to Vote—It wasn’t only women who had to fight for the right to vote. Poor men and ethnic minorities had to fight too. (In some countries they're still fighting for that right.) But we can vote. Okay some of the candidates suck, but if you don’t like the major parties, you can always vote for one of the minor ones.

E-books—I read a lot and storage of print books was becoming a problem. Now I have thousands of books in the cloud. I’m giving big, big thanks for my E-reader and all the amazing books and authors, who wouldn’t be published without the electronic world.

Baths—Okay, people did actually bathe back in the day, but it involved boiling enough water to fill a tub and, unless you were wealthy, sharing the water with other family members. No wonder they didn’t bathe every day. So I’m giving thanks for hot running water, lots of scented bubbles and not having to share.

Phones—Whether you call them cell phones or mobile phones, it’s impossible to write a post like this without mentioning those convenient little pieces of plastic. It’s total bliss to be able to take calls and texts wherever you are and whenever you want. Okay, not in the movies...and maybe not in upmarket restaurants…and definitely not during sex… but most of the time. Phones are getting so smart that it won’t be long before they’re giving back massages. And then I’ll really be thankful.

Medical and dental advances—These are too numerous to list, but I’m truly grateful for all the many scientists and surgeons and all other medical professionals, who make our modern lives healthier and better.

So, that's my list. What are you thankful for in the modern world?


Janni Nell writes the Bolde & Baulsey paranormal mysteries. Book 1 Dead Monk Walking is available now. Book 2, Dead Lady Vanishing, is coming in 2017.

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