Monday, September 14, 2015

Here Be News

Posted by: Eleri Stone

Author News

Nicole Luiken will be launching her YA fantasy novel THROUGH FIRE & SEA at Happy Harbor Comics in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 2-4 p.m. Sept. 19. 

Find more information here.




Cover Reveals

Unamused Muse, book two in the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency series. Coming November 17 from R.L. Naquin.

Wynter Greene, newly minted Muse at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency, is on loan for six weeks to Hades, CEO of Underworld, LLC. Not a bad gig, if she doesn’t mind running errands across the River Styx. She hardly ever has to clean up after the three-headed dogs that guard the front gates. But she could do without so many people eager to fix her up on what literally amount to blind dates from Hell. 

All Wynter wants to do is get her six weeks over with so she and Phyllis, her talking plant, can go home, and she can go back to work inspiring people. If she can keep from screwing up on this job, she’ll get a clean slate at Mt. Olympus. 

Stripped of her Muse title, Wynter discovers she still can’t stop herself from inspiring people, even when the people she’s encouraging are supposed to be trapped in eternal torment. 

Not the best way to win points with her new boss.

New Releases

Angela Korra'ti announces the re-release of her short story "The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen"! This is a glimpse at the backstory of a character who's critical to the Rebels of Adalonia books — and what happens when a human village is caught in an eruption of wild magic.

"Cerridwen" is a Kindle exclusive for the next 90 days, and can be found on Amazon here! It will be available for free from 9/15 to 9/19!

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