Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Perils of Life with an Author

Posted by: Kathleen Collins
Sometimes I feel sorry for my husband and my kids for having to live with me. I mean sure there are the late nights where I'm trying to finish a book, or the nights of take out food when I'm under a deadline. Or the times where I half listen to a conversation because my brain is writing a scene and I'm trying to remember everything I'm coming up with.

But that's not why I feel bad. See being a writer my mind works in odd ways. Normally this isn't a problem until one of them starts watching a movie or reading a book with a twist. And then my brain starts working and I have to figure out what's going to happen. And because I am who I am, when I figure it out I have to share. You see where this is going, right?

Usually how it goes is something like this:

     *watching movie where mafia guy is trying to kill a cop*

     Me to husband: You realize that mafia guy is the partner the cop thinks is dead, right?
     Husband: What? No. You're crazy.

     Fifteen minutes later

    *mafia man announces he is the partner who faked his death and got plastic surgery*

    Husband: *gives me dirty look* Damn it, Kathy

So now you know the naked truth of living with an author, or at least this author. Take some pity on my poor family and give me your favorite books or movies with twists and I promise I'll keep my lips sealed.

Kathleen Collins is the author of the Realm Walker series. You can find her most often on facebook or at her website


  1. My hubs still doesn't know how I figured out Sixth Sense. :-)

  2. That one killed him and so did Usual Suspects. Sorry honey.


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