Friday, November 28, 2014

10 fantasy movies or shows to binge watch

Posted by: Angela Campbell
Here in America, we just celebrated Thanksgiving, and now others are celebrating Black Friday. If you’re out there among the shopping hoardes, good luck, you crazy people. And then there are people like me — celebrating a long weekend at home, taking it easy with a movie, video game, or a good book. Obviously it’s hard to read a book when you have company, so let’s talk about movies.

Being an obnoxious movie fanatic in addition to a rabid reader, I thought I’d share some fantasy film options available on streaming services, for those gathered in front of a TV this weekend and looking for something fun to watch without having to leave the house.

1.  Marvel’s The Avengers – Sure, you’ve probably already seen this one (and if you haven’t, what is wrong with you?!?) but this superhero flick offers a whole bunch of awesome in one movie so it’s worth a rewatch. Hot guys with cool props, hot girls with kickass skills, and Loki. Need I say more? – Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime with subscription.

2. Galaxy Quest — This sci-fi comedy pokes fun at Trekkies while also honoring the genre they love. It’s flat-out hilarious and has Sigourney Weaver aka Ripley in it. It’s a good one for almost all ages, too, which is convenient if you have to be conscious of younger viewers. – Available on Netflix and Amazon Prime

3. Odd Thomas — This one is a little dark and has some horror elements, but if you can handle light horror, you won’t be sorry you watched this book-into-film adaptation. Personally, the book “Odd Thomas” by Dean Koontz is one of my all-time favorite books, and I thought the movie kicked booty, too. Anton Yelchin is so darn likable in the role of the small-town psychic, I could hardly stand it. – Available on Netflix

4. Stake Land — This one is for horror fans who love vampire movies. A lesser-known gem in the vampire genre, Stake Land does for bloodsuckers what The Walking Dead does for zombies. A few human survivors are fighting off hordes of vampires and the government has fallen to religious fundamentalists who are now trying to take control of all the remaining people. It’s gritty and a bit gory with good acting, and worth a watch if you like that kind of thing. – Available on Netflix

5. Cockneys Vs. Zombies — Yes, yes, I know. Another horror-ish addition, but this one is also a British comedy with a fun premise. A trio of bumbling cousins attempt to rob a bank to keep their grandfather's retirement home open, and wouldn't you know it, the zombie apocalypse happens in the midst of it. I love seeing some terrific pensioners given a chance to fight off zombies here. Because who wouldn’t? – Available on Netflix

6. Heart and Souls — This is a comedy from the early 90s that stars Robert Downey Jr. Need I say more? Fine. I will. It’s a cute kitschy movie about a creep who is forced to help four ghosts find peace to avoid losing his girlfriend. And did I mention Robert Downey Jr. is in it? – Available on Netflix

7. Live, Die, Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow — I mean, okay, this one stars Tom Cruise, but don’t hold that against it or you will seriously lose out on a movie that’s simply amaze-balls. This is, hands down, the best movie of 2014 that no one knows about, which is a real shame. Plus, Cruise gets killed. A lot. Seriously, he does, and it’s awesome because he keeps coming back to life to try to stop an alien race from conquering the world. Plus, Emily Blunt plays one of the best female characters in a sci-fi/fantasy film I think I’ve ever seen. Not even kidding. Watch it. Now. – Available for rent on demand, but totally worth it.

TV Show contenders

Some of you simply want to binge watch, so I’ve got you covered with some TV show suggestions, too.

1. Orphan Black — A BBC America original series, this show is ridiculously addictive, so be prepared to binge watch and then be left yearning for more (season 3 hasn’t aired yet). It’s hard to give a synopsis without spoiling the show, but let’s just say it involves clones, and they are awesome. – Season 1 is available for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

2. The Tomorrow People — Either you have never heard of this show and just went “huh?” or you know it was a remake and on the CW and expect it to immediately suck. Guess what? It doesn’t! Here’s the show’s description: “A group of young people with evolved powers battle evil using their special talents that include teleportation and telepathic communication.” It was cancelled, so there’s only one season, but it’s definitely worth binge watching. – Available on Netflix

3. Firefly — I have a hard time believing that anyone who is visiting this site hasn’t already seen the awesomeness that is Firefly, but just in case, it’s getting a spot of honor on this list. One, it’s from Joss Whedon. Two, it’s a western in space. Three, either Captain Mal as played by Nathan Fillion will become your new fantasy boyfriend or you’ll develop a serious girl crush on Kaylee or Zoe. So much to love. I can’t even. – Available on Netflix

Happy watching! And feel free to leave additional suggestions in the comments!

~ Angela Campbell is the author of the psychic detectives series, featuring quirky heroines, sexy heroes and adorable pet sidekicks. Learn more about her books at


  1. Love the Avengers and Galaxy Quest and have heard good things about Orphan Black and Edge of Tomorrow.

    As for other suggestions, hmmm. Maybe the Battlestar Galactica mini-series that spawned the show?

  2. I loved Edge of Tomorow (now rebranded as Live, Die, Repeat). I had moderate expectations for it and loved it. Interesting, funny, hopeful (this is important compared to many similar-appearing sci fi movies lately) - totally entertaining. Emily Blunt was outstanding.

  3. Thanks for commenting, ladies. And I think we should watch Edge of Tomorrow for the next HBM movie night on twitter.

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