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More Precious Than Gold: Mylunate is Coveted in the Dreamwalkers Series

Posted by: Danube Adele

Mylunate is more precious than gold on the planet of Te`re. It is an ore found in the layers of rock on the northern side of the planet where the Sunan live. The Brausa live to the south where no significant deposits exist. One culture has thrived while the other has nearly died out. The deciding factor in this generations-old war has been mylunate.

What can mylunate do? There are a number of side-effects. One is the ability to read minds. Long exposure to the ore allows its essence to bind to the mind, so those born in the north grow up with the ability making it necessary to learn how to shield thoughts for privacy. Another wonderful side effect is mylunate allows people to dreamwalk. They can follow the thread of someone's energy while they sleep, and in dreams, you can make anything happen. Think on that a moment.

The final most important thing mylunate can do is create instant travel between two places, even when light years separate them. A short transfer only requires the traveler to be wearing some small bit of mylunate, or to be standing over the deposit of it. However, to go great distances, a large amount of the ore needs to be at the start and finish of travel. As you can imagine, the beneficiaries of this gift, the Sunan, were able to begin trade with Earth and grow into the modern world. The Brausa are fighting for their survival, and manage to get their hands on some...but what do they do with it?

This is where Dreams of a Wild Heart, Book 3 of the Dreamwalkers series takes over. Dr. Cecilia Bradford has been kidnapped and taken to Te`re by the roughly handsome, stone-faced warrior named Tabron. The reason is two-fold. Her medical expertise is needed, and she can also join with one of the warriors, seeing as how there are few women left in the nation's central settlement. But will she find a way back home to Earth before her heart fills up with too many reasons to stay?

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Dreams of a Wild Heart is set for release Dec. 15, 2014, though you can find it on pre-order now at:

Barnes and Noble

Dreamwalkers series:
Quicksilver Dreams, Book 1, Jan. 6, 2014
Dark Summer Dreams, Book 2, June 9, 2014
Dreams of a Wild Heart, Book 3, Release date Dec. 15, 2014

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