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Posted by: Jax Garren

Jax Garren

Jax Garren is the author of the Tales of the Underlight. Though descended from Valkyries and Vikings (Jax is part Swedish), she was raised a small town girl in the Texas Hill Country. She graduated from The University of Texas with a degree in English and a minor in Latin and stayed in Austin to teach high school. During her eight years in public education she was in a riot, broke up fights, had cops storm her class with guns drawn…and met the most amazing young people who taught her more about life and hope than she taught them about any school subject.

Jax believes in happily ever afters. She married her real life hero, a handsome engineer who is saving the world through clean energy technology. Her heroine is Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the perfect blend of tough and feminine. Jax blames Marion for her dream of traveling to Nepal to experience Himalayan palaces and monasteries and to drink yak butter tea.

Jax loves meeting new people, so if you see her out and about say hello! She’s always happy to raise a glass with her readers (or anyone else) in a toast to courage, adventure, and love.

A frozen heart… 
Two years ago, amid grief and defeat, the man who once made Carrie Martin believe in happily-ever-afters deserted her on New Year’s Day. Ever since, she’s seen no reason for holiday joy amid the materialism and chaos of the most stressful time of year. So when a tipsy guy in a mall elf costume falls into her lap at happy hour and starts spouting poetry, it’s just one more reason to be disgusted at the season’s excess.

A man who’s more than he appears… 
Brett Vertanen, part-time elf and a caterer in training, is smitten with Carrie’s strength and sass. Having faced down a painful past of his own, he’s determined to be the one to warm her frozen heart. But when Carrie’s job forces her to attend a gala hosted by her ex–and his new wife–it could take more magic than a costumed elf can conjure to make this ice princess once again believe in love.

Hi all! Jax here. I wrote this story during a rough phase in my life--when my husband and I decided it was time to quit trying to have a baby and adopt. Throughout the journey of creating a family, I've had my amazing husband by my side to cry with, laugh with and just to know there was someone steadfast when things got rough. Brett and Carrie are both my love song to my family and my wish everyone could have someone--a friend, a love, a family member--to help keep hope and joy alive in life's dark moments.


  1. Sounds like an amazing book to read thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I love the blurb for the book and the inspirations that helped form it. It's a definite read for me and can't wait to read it.

  3. This sounds like a great holiday story. I'll definitely be adding it to the list.


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