Thursday, November 28, 2013

Here Be Magic Authors Are Thankful For Many Things!

Posted by: Veronica Scott
Veronica sez: For today's post on the American Thanksgiving Day we thought we'd share some of the things we're thankful for! Best wishes to everyone who's celebrating this holiday (and everyone who isn't) and a very cozy and bountiful November-nearly-December to all our Readers out there - we're thankful for *YOU*!

So, each of us sez “I'm thankful for…”

Regan Summers: …good health, pleasing experiences and the peculiar persistence of opportunity.

Sonya B Clark:…my husband who is my best friend, our little girl who makes us both so happy, and the chance to keep writing and sharing all of these stories in my head.

T. C. Mill: … the chances I've had this year, my shiny new bachelor's degree, and the friends I've made in moving to a new city. (Also for the fact that Paul McGann does not age, as so persuasively proven around the Doctor Who 50th anniversary.)

Joshua Roots:… a wonderful family, great friends, and the opportunity to follow my dreams. Also, red wine. I'm really, really thankful for that....

Shona Husk:… the support of my hubby and kids and that I am in a position to quit my day job. Cheers! 

Angela friends and family, for my beloved sidekick in fur, for the many wonderful blessings I have been given in life, including my fellow authors here on this blog, and for anyone who has read any of my books. I'm also very grateful for the day of Thanksgiving itself, the one day in America where no one diets and therefore I do not feel judged for eating seconds!

Shawna Reppert: ...all the truly incredible friends in my life, and for everyone who contributed financial, emotional and/or practical support to make my two book launches of 2013 possible. I am humbled by their generosity.

Cindy S. Pape:  a husband who's stuck by me, through good and bad for 28 years, kids that still speak to me, an adorable grandspawn, and a career that makes me smile.

Angela Highland:…being in decent health despite my recent medical challenges. For my spouse, for my family, and for lovely supportive friends. For music, and the ability to make it, and the completion it gives to my life. And for each and every person who’s read and enjoyed Faerie Blood or Valor of the Healer!

Seleste DeLaney:…all the positive people in my life: my children, my family, my friends, the people I work with... They all keep me going, especially when the going gets tough as it is wont to do. <3 

Janni Nell:…strong coffee, sweet wine and creme brulee. Oh yeah, and my family. Love you guys!

Jax Garren:….my amazing husband, Scott, my partner and my lover who has stayed so strong with me through a rough year. I couldn't have made it through fostering and losing the girls (with my sanity intact, anyway) without him!

P. G. Forte:…my fellow authors--one of the best parts of this crazy business! 

K. D. Collins:…every minute I get to spend surrounded by the ones I love.

And as I head off to the kitchen to wrestle with the gigantic turkey and assorted trimmings, here's a final thought:

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