Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reflections of me.

Posted by: Shawna Thomas
I have been attempting to get into shape. Yeah, I know, we all are more or less. But with a scary double digit birthday approaching (and now past) I decided it’s now or never. So, I’ve been exercising regularly and when I walk the kids to school, I loop around the neighborhood for a 20 – 30 minute power walk. (I've dropped two sizes and lost about 15lbs)

The other day, I was thinking that each of the houses, even in my cookie-cutter neighborhood, have a personality. Even as I was thinking this, an older woman emerged out of one of my favorite houses (nothing is out of place in the yard. Ever.) and straightened a decorative flag that had blown up and over the post. On the other side of the street there’s a house that always, and I mean always has at least one toy in the yard.

I smiled, thinking my house didn’t reveal anything at all about my personality. I mean there are flowers in the beds... and a few weeds. Okay more than a few weeds. The grass...well it’s kinda yellow in patches, but that’s not my fault, the darn sprinklers broke and watering by hand is time consuming. And we don't have the money to fix it because I'm a writer and well... Most of the greenery is trimmed, but that’s thanks to my husband. He doesn’t do flower beds or weeding, though... There is at least one giant pinwheel. It’s in a different location almost every day because the toddler can’t leave it alone. And that’s when it struck me. Like it or not, my house says a lot about me too.

You won’t find any toys in my front yard. Why? Because I’m super paranoid and the kids are only allowed to play in the backyard. Where the toy litter abounds. Trust me.

There are flowers in pots on my porch. I love flowers and they make me smile. Also, flowers in pots are so much easier to take care of... again. The time thing.

I am a very busy mother who has learned not to sweat the small stuff (or the occasional weed) I have a garden of children to raise, so the plants have to be low maintenance because the children definitely aren’t. I am a working mom, even if I work from home. And having done both, let me tell you, they are equally difficult. If I have a moment of free time, chances are it won’t be spend weeding the cracks in the driveway. They’ll die out in the winter anyway, right?

So now I challenge you. What does your front yard say about you?

And here is a picture of a statue I see every day on my walk. It never ceases to make me smile. I think it's a trap. The sign might say welcome, but that plant looks like it will eat your face off. ; ) LOL I guess that says a lot about me too.


  1. My yard says this family owns a lawnmower...and that's about it! Heh. We won't be winning any House Somewhat Attractive If Not Beautiful awards, ever.

  2. Have you guys seen my "front yard"? It's a patio overlooking the high desert! What does THAT say??

    Love the post, Shawna!

  3. Um...that either I utterly lack gardening skills or really like weeds. :) The front of my house isn't covered in trash or anything, but it's not pretty. We have a lot of shade but it's really hot, so getting anything to grow is painful. Even things that are supposed to be easy in my area don't grow well. I have gardening blood in my family, and it all missed me entirely. Plus I'm a pickup point for farm shares, which means I have a porch covered in coolers. I feel bad for the neighbors. I like to think I'm just giving people a pleasant surprise when they step into my living room.

    Hmm...maybe that's it. I firmly believe it's what's on the inside that counts. Really, it's not lazy, it's a statement.

  4. I live in a condo currently so no front yard but I do have plants and a stained glass suncatcher on my "patio." LOVED this post!


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