Friday, May 6, 2011

Surprises in Life and the Gift of Moms

Posted by: Shannon
Whoops I almost forgot to blog today. Kind of hard to believe since I’ve been considering what to blog about all week long. I considered several different witty options but instead settled on a Mother’s Day post in honor of my Mom.

Yep she rocks and I just have to share that fact with the world. Knowing just how awesome my mom is isn’t new to me at all. Part of me strives to be her when I grow up. (Too late I suppose but I can dream, right?)

Just to give the most recent example of life with my mom… we are now chicken farmers. It all started out innocent enough with the usual trip to the feed store for cat, dog and bird food. And of course right there chirping away are the last of the spring chicks, all marked down to a ridiculous price. So I laughingly call mom and ask if she was serious about wanting some hens. She says no. I’m thinking that’s smart but just can’t help seeing how cute the little balls of fluff are. So I tell her the ridiculous price.

She says, “get them”. And so the adventure begins. And by adventure I mean, much research about chicken rearing, more than a little reminiscing over having chickens as kids, and some intensive labor converting an unused horse barn into a chicken home. Looks like the new chickens will be living at my house leaving the “fun” all for me. Mom lives next door but I’m guessing she won’t be gathering eggs, feeding or cleaning the coop. Even if life threw a new chore into the daily grind, a I won’t regret a second of it. Mom always thinks up ways to keep our lives interesting.

Way to go Mom!

In case you were wondering some of the other considered or in some cases immediately discarded blog ideas included
1. Benefits of Chocolate on the Female Psyche.
2. The Joy of Marrying a Sexologist.
3. Mother-F**king. (suggested by said sexologist in honor of mother’s day)
4. Why Fictional Romance is Better than Marrying a Sexologist… (kidding)
5. Chickens and Paranormal Romance
6. The Dangers of Hammers vs Benefits of a Sexy Handyman

I hope May 8th is a happy day for all those special moms out there.



  1. Great post Shannon. (Although I'm intrigued by discarded suggestion 3)

    Happy Mothers' Day!

  2. Janni, LOL Perhaps on my own blog, that might work, but I thought an ode to the men who love moms might get a bit naughty for a group blog. Then again... Maybe it would fit in perfectly. *wicked grin*

  3. Lovely post! and joy to all mums everywhere who keep life interesting :) for the discarded blog ideas LOL

  4. Happy mother's day to all the mothers on the loop!

  5. Great post Shannon. And happy mother's day to all!


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