Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pillow Talk

Posted by: Keri Stevens
(In bedroom a few weeks ago. Keri Stevens takes fluffy feather pillow from under Dr. Stevens's head.)KS: Gimme that. I've had a long day.

Dr. S: You? What did you do?

KS: I dragged your son and his broken ankle to two different doctors, a radiology lab and two pharmacies to get crutches.

Dr. S: (snatches pillow back and shoves over thin, threadbare, lumpy foam pillow) Well, I worked on two review articles and spent three hours staring at the microscopy results.

KS: You need me to copyedit yet? (sticks thin pillow between her knees, rolls to side)

Dr. S: Not yet. But you're a writer. (yawns). Ghost for me.

KS: Sure. You at the third sex scene yet?

Dr. S: (spooning, freezes still) The what?

KS: The resolution sex. They've got it almost figured out now. Less conflict, more fire.

Dr. S: Um. Yeah. The mossy-fiber boutons have found their place in the hippocampus.

KS: (rolls onto back, elbows him away because the room is stuffy). Good. What about the grand gesture?

Dr. S: Huh?

KS: What sacrifice will the high-fiber buttons make to ensure the hippie campers live happily ever after?

Dr. S (yawns, rolls away)...trek-bee...neuropeptide excitability...GABA...

KS: (sits up, excited) That's it! Gabba-Gabba-Hey! We'll use Ramones music as a thematic element. This'll be the best Neuron paper any scientist has ever published.

Dr. S: (snores)

KS: (Slowly tugs fluffy pillow out from under his head.)

Note: Thanks, Tia, for letting me jump in with an old favorite from my personal blog. Hope you're feeling better soon!


  1. You're nuts, Keri. And yep I totally mean that as a compliment.

  2. Enjoyed it, but don't get it. Love the "hippy campers" line. :0)

  3. I hope the "hippie campers" get their HEA.

  4. Thanks everyone--and don't worry, Barbara, I don't get it either. Most of our waking hours my husband and I speak two completely different languages.

  5. But you understand each other! Kind of.... Thanks for filling in for me.

  6. Say, Keri, have you ever checked out sleeptalkingman blogspot? Your post reminds me of their blog a little bit. Check it out. It's hilarious. This English guy talks in his sleep, and his wife records his nonsense and posts it on a blog. My favorite to date is: "No. Of course I don't skinny-dip. I chunky dunk."

  7. Thanks for the kind words, friends. Barbara, I'll go check that out now.


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