Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here Be Magic, Indeed!

Posted by: Christine Bell

Today is a super magical week for me for a few reasons. I'm going to list them now, but make sure, even if I'm boring you to tears, you stick around to read #6. It is the most epic, magical giveaway evah! Reasons I'm having a super magical week, in no particular order:

1. I'm flying to Florida tonight for a trip to the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. We LURVE us some Harry Potter in my family, and my hubby and I are as excited as the kids! What's more magical than Harry-friggin-Potter?!

2. My son, Sean, and my husband share a birthday, Jan. 13th, so that's definitely a magical day, and we'll be spending it at Hogwarts!

3. My paranormal erotic romance Naughty Godmother is out today at Ellora's Cave! It's about a Tooth Fairy named Holly Tucket who is up for a big promotion to Naughty Godmother. She meets her charge, Alex, and finds she may have bitten off more than she can chew. It's definitely a sexy bit of magical fun! You can check out the (PG) excerpt here. I am doing a blog tour today with a ton of giveaways, so feel free to stop by my author blog for more details.

4. This one is the best one. So, Sunday afternoon, I found a duffel bag that was empty save three little video tapes. After much searching, I found the old video camera they fit into, hooked it up to the tv (well, hubby did, I can't even change the channel half the time) and pressed play. Lo and behold, the face of my son Sean as a baby filled the screen. For the next two hours, I sat and smiled and cried at his utter and total sweetness. He'll be 15 the day after tomorrow, and although I have pictures, I had no video of him (or so I thought, the memory is pathetic at almost 40). I can't even tell you how much joy I took in hearing his voice at that age and watching him wrap his chubby arms so tight around my neck and laugh that uninhibited laughter. I could have sat there for a week and watched him show me how he could float in the tub and sing itsy bitsy spider. At one point, he's about two in this section, he says "Mommy, is that a cheese camera?" and I say "What do you mean, baby?" and he says "You know, the kind it makes you say cheeeeese!"
It was absolute magic and I am tearing up even now. I am so unbearably grateful I found those tapes.

5. I got my Carina Press cover on Monday for my steampunk romance, The Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale, and it is STUNNING, as you can see in the picture above. Just staring at it should hold me until it comes out in the spring.

6. This one is for you all! I AM DOING A SUPER DUPER MAGICAL GIVEAWAY to celebrate my awesomely magical week!

Two prizes will be given away. The first is a copy of my first Ellora's Cave release, Unwrapping Lily, which is getting really great reviews and is the perfect winter read for those of you stuck in the cold whilst I lavish on the beaches of Florida. ;op If you already own Lily, you can choose anything else off my backlist.

The second prize is the one I am SO HOPPED UP about! drumroll please....

A thirty minute psychic reading via telephone with my sister, Nicole!

Now, if she was just any old lame sister, it wouldn't be a cool prize. But my sister is actually a practicing, professional psychic, reiki master and artist and she can intuit her ass off, so whoever wins can expect to have their mind BLOWN!

Here's how you enter: Leave a comment here between now and Thursday night, 9pm EST, and follow this blog. If you do not want to be considered for the psychic reading, just note on your comment "book only". Then, blammo! You're entered into the contest. Make sure to check back tomorrow here and see if you won. I'll get your email info, and send one person the book and the other my sister's phone number for the reading (you just have to promise not to write it on the men's room wall at your local bar. Actually, she might be okay with that. Lemme check with her...)

So tell me, bloggy friends, have you ever had a week (or even a day) that is just so sublime, you feel like it was sprinkled with fairy dust?


  1. Your trip to Florida sounds like a blast. My son grew up with Harry Potter. They were both 11 when the first book came out. I still remember the magic of sharing the whole experience with him. We've been to Disney World, but never Harry Potter world. Hope you have a great time.

  2. Great question. A whole week? Maybe not. But moments in time...definitely! I am having a babies growing up baby just turned 13, the middle one will be 16 and the oldest 18...alot of big birthdays!

  3. Have a great time Chris! You are definitely on fire this week. And AWWWWW finding/watching the lost vids. Priceless! Me? I'm lucky to get through one day with no news is good news. lol Well, except for the new grandbaby last week. That was spectacularly the BEST week evah! But only because she's the first 'second' child to any one of my 3 dds, and to the one dd who always said 'one is it for us'.

    "Book only" please.

  4. An entire week....well, not a fun-filled and magical as yours. But I've had some daydippityyum good days. December 15 2009 - the day we adopted bebe - is the best. So far. ;)

  5. What a wonderful week! I hope you have a super time at Harry Potter world and congrats on the release of Naughty Godmother. The cover for the Twisted Tale of Stormy Gale is totally compelling. You're really rocking -- and I love that you're sharing the happiness -- and thanks to your sister for joining the party. Though I have to say "book only". Living in Australia, timezones and telephone calls are confusing stress. Yup, even with Skype. I know, I'm pathetic.

    Anyway, congrats, have fun and thanks for an awesome post!

  6. What a great week! And how nice to see good news. With me and hubby 13th birthdays (oct and dec) I agree with the magic of the number.
    each of the days of my kids being born was great but the third... the miracle baby arrived in 2 hrs on Christmas Eve and the hospital allowed us home in time to pop her under the tree for her big brother and sister Christmas morning!

  7. Have fun in Florida Christine! Congrats on your release and the cover on the new book is awesome. Have I mentioned how much I love that title? You're definitely on a roll there. (Book only 'cause I'm a wimp about psychic readings.)

  8. Enjoy Hogwarts! My 10 year old son has been begging me to go. We'll need details when you get back, lol. What awesome birthday presents :) I'm all for the psychic reading!!

  9. Squee, my girl down in Florida. Sorry I couldn't keep the weather nice for you! I told you to pack sweatshirts :-)

    My daughter is a little huggy-thing and everytime she wraps her arms around my neck I sigh with happiness. Kids can do that to you. Cats and dogs too, now that I think about it!

  10. Thanks so much everyone for the great comments. Teri Anne, doesn't it go by in a flash? *sigh* But then you get grandkids! *perks up*

    Kristina- That sounds like a BEAUTIFUL best magical day ever!

    Beck and Lisa and Mel- Funny how all of the comments on "most magical day" have babies involved.

    Jenny and Eleri- I have been blessed by the cover gods! I'm so glad you guys like it!

    Donna- I will give you all the details on Harry Potter tomorrow night when we get back!

  11. OMG I am soooo jeaulous of your trip to Hogwarts!! HAVE FUN!! that is so exciting your going for your families birthday! Naughty Godmother sounds... interesting!! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  12. Terry Ann Stanley- Contact me at so I can send you the info for the phone reading!

    Beck Nichols- You are the winner of Unwrapping Lily! Please email me at with your email address and preferred format.

    Thanks everyone for commenting!

  13. Ug, sorry I misspelled your name Teri Anne!!!

  14. A whole week? Maybe--on vacation. But I love the little fairy dust moments you find now and then! Have a wonderful trip!

  15. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this cover. And I think it's beyond cool your sister is psychic.

    To answer your last question, I can't remember the last time I had a sublime week. But I do remember my first visit to the German Alps, staring around me at snow capped mountains as I hiked through a nature in all its perfection. Now that I'll never forget.



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