Tuesday, January 21, 2020

map making

Posted by: Shona Husk
Toward the end of last year I'd been looking for something writing related to do. While a lot of writers edit or do covers they aren't my skills sets (I'm sure I could learn how to do covers if I wanted, but I want to get off the computer).

I'd also been promising myself I'd do more drawing--I've made that promise more times than I can count.

This time I think I've found something that will stick. Fantasy map making!

I spent 20 years as a civil design draftsperson so manual and CAD drafting were my job (I have designed and drawn so many roundabouts, drainage systems and sewerage systems...), but drawing a map of a fantasy world was something new, and I was keen to get back to paper and ink and be creative.

I did a few test maps until I was happy with a couple of different styles then did a map for a friend's fantasy novel--which was super fun.

Now I have a little Etsy store where I'll be putting up pre-made maps and doing custom maps for authors and gamers.

You can find me at FrayedInkling

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