Thursday, August 4, 2016

Daydreaming of Summer Picnics

Posted by: Janni Nell

Thinking of summer fun is difficult when it’s actually winter in Australia. Mind you, Sydney winter doesn’t come with snow (except for that day back in 1986, when we had a few flakes), but even a mild winter isn’t summer. So I’m daydreaming about warmer days to come. 

My fantasy picnic begins beside a river with a glass or two of moscato.

We’d begin the food with homemade guacamole and crackers. Then, while the river meanders by, we’d munch on prawns and homemade Greek salad and tabouli. I’d also throw together another salad of whatever is growing in the garden—rocket, herbs, cherry tomatoes, spring onions. Of course there’d also be crusty bread with butter.

As the day moves on and gets hotter we’d finish up with fresh fruit and cheese. Then it’s time for a snooze beneath the gum trees or maybe a friendly game of cricket.

Okay, that’s the idyllic version. I didn’t mention the flies and mosquitoes and ants. Still, even with insects, picnics are so fun, and you hardly feel the bites after a few glasses of wine.

On a gray day in winter, I’m raising my glass to summer. Bring it on.


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