Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Funny Thing Happened...

Posted by: PG Forte
...on the way to writing this blog post. A couple of things, actually. First of all, it occurred to me that I just had a book release this week. I never thought I'd become quite so bl├íse (not to mention forgetful!) about something that's really quite exciting. But, in my defense, this is the paperback release of Fallen Embers, a book that came out in digital format in April.'s not like I haven't been talking about it already for the last three months. 

The print version is absolutely stunning, however. Seriously, it's on sale right now and I'd buy it just for the gorgeous cover. 

Another reason that the release slipped my mind is that I've been so preoccupied with finishing the next book in the series. I had a deadline. I missed it. 

However, I did finally finish. I turned it in last week and immediately started plotting the next book, what was supposed to be the last book in the series. Much as I hate saying good-bye to characters I've come to love, all good things must come to an end--right? And I have to admit to a small bit of excitement at the idea of moving on to something new. 

Yeah, that was the second funny thing that happened. The Neverending Series Syndrome struck again. Midway through my outlining, I realized I wasn't looking at one story, I was looking at two separate storylines and a fairly important subplot. What that ultimately meant was that the series that I thought would be a trilogy when I first started writing it, and which then mysteriously turned into five books...and then six books...has now become eight. 

At this point I will not be taking any bets against there being a ninth book lurking somewhere in my future. Anything is possible. And, like I said, I really do hate saying good-bye, so I'm not too broken up about getting to spend a little while longer in this particular world, but it is frustrating when you're stuck between a series that doesn't want to quit and readers who say they won't start reading it until all the books are done. 

I was shocked when I first heard that this whole waiting-to-start-until-you-can-read-it-all concept was an actual thing. Some of my fondest book-buying memories involve hanging out with my daughter in Barnes & Noble or Borders (oh, Borders, how I miss you!) on the night before each new Harry Potter book was released. I wouldn't have missed that for anything.

So I'm curious to know how prevalent this is. Do you wait until the final volume is released before you start reading a series?  Or do you rush out to grab each one as soon as they're available? 

There's a thin line between blood and madness.

Early Twelfth Century. When the half-civilized Conrad Quintano stumbles upon a stacked battle on an isolated beach, his first instinct is to walk away. What does he care if a bunch of worthless vampires kill each other? But a dying ember of chivalry compels him to rescue the pretty female vampire in distress-radically altering the course of his already cursed life.

Present Day. Marc Fischer continues his desperate search for Elise, while his newly single twin sister, Julie, is hooking up with everything that moves-at least that's how it looks to a jealous Armand. As the twins' unusual abilities grow stronger, Marc makes the mistake of trying to protect Julie from what he's learned about their true nature.

Meanwhile, Conrad's relationship with Georgia-the vampire he saved centuries ago-is about to alter yet again. They've each been keeping dangerous secrets. Secrets with the power to destroy the entire clan. Now, with Julie's life threatened, the Fischer-Quintano vampires will learn the most painful truth of all. No lie lies hidden forever.

Warning: Proceed with caution. Storm warnings and small craft advisory are in effect as romantic alliances form and re-form at random. Expect to encounter any or all of the following: old hippies, new friends, erroneous conclusions prematurely jumped to, and best-laid plans gone seriously awry-thanks in no small part to the actions of a certain impetuous Spaniard.

The print version of Fallen Embers is currently on sale at Samhain Publishing.  


  1. I definitely buy as they come out. I've actually found I enjoy a series LESS if I read it too close together--my editor brain kicks in and I start to notice foibles and (potentially annoying) quirks of the author.

    As a writer the strategy of waiting for the entire series to be released makes me wince. Just like with new TV shows, if a series doesn't gain readers or a fanbase with its first book/season, then it may get cancelled. If you want a story series or TV show to make it through to the end, its critical to take that chance.

  2. I couldn't wait for a whole series to release! and that would mean missing out on anticipating the next instalment.


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