Thursday, July 3, 2014

So my cat thinks I have beautiful hair, and other reveals from a psychic

Posted by: Angela Campbell
I'll be completely honest and admit I had no idea what to blog about today. It hasn't been the greatest summer for me. So far I've been in a wreck that has left me carless (my car has been at the body shop for two weeks being fixed) and that left my body banged up (seriously, whiplash is no fun). For a while I was working insane hours at the day job to cover for a person who quit and another who was on vacation, so I couldn't even take time off work to recuperate. And now I'm preparing for my father to have heart surgery again. Hopefully, it's only minor heart surgery, but still. It's heart surgery. I'm  pretty sure I probably look like this a lot these days.

Geez, sorry for that woe-is-me downer intro, but I wanted it to put into perspective all that follows. It might seem a bit rambling, but I promise, er, well I hope it all comes together at the end. Plus, I'm on pain meds right now, so...

Anyway. I do have a book releasing soon, the third in my series, but its release date has been pushed back. Right now, I'm very grateful for that because I don't have time to deal with much promo. Then it hit me that I DID have something to blog about today! I thought I'd share an interesting story with you that kind of relates to my books, being that my current series follows the adventures of a group of sexy psychic detectives. Shoot, I even have audio for your listening pleasure (and a few laughs, I'm sure)!

Here's the story: My silly little clown car rental comes equipped with satellite radio. (Seriously, though, a Chevy Cruze is not built for a woman who is 6'2. I feel like Big Bird driving a clown car. Oh, and I heard that model has just been recalled, too. Go figure.) Point is, Sunday, I realized renowned pet psychic Sonya Fitzpatrick has a show on Sirius Stars 106. First of all, I love Sonya from her show on Animal Planet years ago. Thoroughly entertaining. I thought it would be fun to talk to Sonya and get a reading from my cat, Dusti. So I called the hotline, expecting not to get through (my luck lately hasn't been all that great). Miracle of miracles, someone answered, asked me what my one, brief question for Sonya was and told me to hold. Holy corn nuggets, I got through!

After waiting about 45 minutes, Sonya came on and asked me what my question was. First of all, I was super nervous. Second, I sound like a kid and say "um" a lot, which is very embarrassing for a grown woman, but still. And with hindsight, I think I gave some leading information, but I also know Sonya hit a couple of things on the nail that had no leading information whatsoever.

My very spoiled cat, Dusti
I'll post a link to the audio below for anyone interested enough to take a listen at my cat's reading. I will say that I was totally thrown off loop by Sonya's first words to me — "Who's the black cat, Angie?" — because last Thursday, I found a stray black kitten in some bushes and spent most of Friday trying to bribe a rescue group to take it in. The black kitten, I understand, is doing quite well now.

Anyway, according to Sonya, my very spoiled cat Dusti realizes she's very spoiled, and that I am "a worrier" (so true, and obvious by my question, I realize). She also "told" Sonya that my friend who comes to help me cut her nails has very different hair from mine (she does — it's very short while mine is long) and thinks my friend would look better if she grew it out like mine because I have "beautiful hair." Bahahahaha.

I swear I'm not making this stuff up! Listen for yourself.

So do I believe in psychics? Definitely. There are a heck of a lot of charlatans out there, but yes, I think a rare few do possess the ability. Real or not real, one thing is for certain: I have a blast writing about psychics, and imagining what animals think and would say. My book, "On the Scent," and my upcoming release, tentatively titled "Spirited Away" are heavy on pet antics.

What's your opinion on psychics? Are you a believer?


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  1. That was awesome, Angie. I kept picturing Sharon Osbourne doing the reading, though. Sorry you've been having such a rough time lately. Hugs and good thoughts for you, your car, and especially your dad.

  2. Sending good thoughts to you and your Dad! Really enjoyed the post though, such a fun idea to have your cat get a reading...


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