Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Win-A-Book Wednesday: Journey of Awakening

Posted by: Jax Garren

Shawna Thomas

Since she could remember, one of Shawna Thomas’s favorite places has been the library. She always has one book to read and another for backup. Some of her earliest adventures took place in Narnia and Middle Earth. The fact that she started scripting plays for her sister’s Barbies and rewriting the ends to some of her beloved stories that didn’t have a happily ever after confirms she was destined to be a writer.
In 2005, she turned the hobby into a profession and started seriously working on the craft of writing. Since then, she’s published several books under a super secret pen name, and five full length novels through Carina Press.
When she’s not writing or editing, you’ll find her playing in the garden, weeding the flower and vegetable garden or picking fruit from her 8 fruit trees. She also spends a good deal of time in the kitchen where she loves to develop new dishes, especially desserts, to feed her husband and their seven children.

I first met these characters in a dream but unlike most dreams, this one grew more and more real as time progressed until I had to write it down.

Journey of Awakening represents the beginnings of Sara's journey but also mine as a writer. It is the first book I ever wrote, the first taste I had of characters who would not stop chattering in my ear and the first time I really knew what it meant to be a writer.


  1. I actually have 3 of Shawna's books. I first stumbled across her in Altered Destiny last year & absolutely loved the book. Immediately went to look for any/everything else!

  2. Thank you, Linda! You just made my day! : )

  3. New-to-me author, but I'm a huge fantasy fan & would love to get my hands on this!

  4. Happy congrats, Shawna! Thanks for the intro! When do you make time to write with a big family to care for and lots to juggle? And what's your favorite dessert? :)


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