Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Magic of Mothers, According To Our Authors

Posted by: Veronica Scott

 In honor of Mothers Day, our Authors share ~ The magic of mothers is....

“...they love you even when you're behaving like an idiot.”  Janni Nell, DANCE OF FLAMES (Carina Press Presents: Editor's Choice Volume II)

“…the ability to read the minds of their offspring. Mothers know their children better than anyone can know anyone else in the world. So you may THINK you are getting away with something, but you never really know …  Tia Nevitt, THE SEVENFOLD SPELL

“In many ancient pagan faiths, women were considered sacred because they were seen as the gateway between this realm and the realm of spirit. Only women can create new life, and if that isn't magic, I don't know what is.” Barbara Longley, FAR FROM PERFECT/Fall 2012 MONTLAKE ROMANCE

"… is best expressed in a finger-painted masterpiece stuck to the fridge." Jenny Schwartz,  WANTED: ONE SCOUNDREL

“…Their love expands to cover every challenge.”  Shawna Thomas, ALTERED DESTINY

“...even when you drive them to the end of their rope, they get up the next day with a whole new cable.”  Cindy Spencer Pape  MOTOR CITY MAGE

"...unconditional love."  David Bridger, QUARTER SQUARE

“…their ability to do ten things at one time." Sandy James, RULES OF THE GAME

“…someone who can take the place of everyone else but no one in the world can replace her.”  Ruth A. Casie KNIGHT OF RUNES
“…..the unfathomable amount of forgiveness within their hearts.”  Annie Nicholas, OMEGAS IN LOVE

“…that only they know the secret formula for ghost spray, the magic words to banish monsters, and have kisses that can heal everything but a broken heart... for those they use hugs that shelter you
from the world.” Seleste deLaney, BADLANDS
“... their uncanny ability to know when their child is being 'too quiet'.” Nicole Luiken, GATE TO KANDRITH

"..that they hold their children's hands for a while, and their hearts forever." Angela Campbell, CRY WOLF

“... the ability to love you even when they (rightfully) want to strangle you.” Jax Garren,  HOW BEAUTY MET THE BEAST,  coming in November!

“…the way they connect all the generations and all the branches of even the most farflung family, with  their love.” Veronica Scott, WRECK OF THE NEBULA DREAM

“…a hastily given, sweet, sticky kiss. The magic of mothers is little arms pulling you close for a hug that's never long enough. The magic of mothers is a tiny hand resting trustingly inside yours. The magic of mothers is your heart walking beside you. “  Kaily Hart, POINT BLANK

We'd like to wish every Mother a magical and happy Mother's Day from Here Be Magic!

What's the most magical thing about your  mom?


  1. These are really lovely thoughts. :D

  2. I certainly enjoyed reading all of them!

  3. I truly enjoyed reading these. Very cool, y'all. Let's make this an annual tradition. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


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