Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bring It Back(list) Feature: THE GRIM SERIES by Dani Harper - plus a Sale!

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author

You'll find them all in my Grim Series. These full-length novels combine Celtic myth with faery lore from Wales – but one way or another, the characters land in modern-day America!

Why "Grim"? One of my favorite Welsh folktales concerns a legendary canine with countless names: The Black Dog, the Gwyllgi, the Barghest, Black Shuck, or THE GRIM. This spectral creature is said to resemble a giant mastiff, larger than any living dog, and its eyes are often fiery red or gold - and glowing!

The legend dates all the way back to Celtic times, and tales of the beast are told in many parts of the British Isles. Often associated with the Fae, the Grim acts as the herald of Death, and those who see the animal are usually destined to die very soon. The dog appears without warning, follows or even chases people – yet vanishes without a trace. 

However, the Grim never threatens the innocent. In some tales, the creature is an instrument of justice, hunting down betrayers and murderers. And sometimes the otherworldly beast protects children or guards lone travelers. 

Stories like these made me wonder... What if the creature had a conscience, a sense of right and wrong? What if the Grim didn’t mindlessly follow its mission? What if the Black Dog didn't want to BE Death's Messenger? 

That's when the characters showed up and demanded I write their stories!

There are 4 books so far in the series - but each can stand alone.

The fae are cunning, powerful and often cruel.

The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly. Hidden far beneath the mortal world, the timeless faery realm plays by its own rules—and those rules can change on a whim. Now and again, the unpredictable residents of that mystical land cross the supernatural threshold…

In this enchanting romance series from Dani Harper, the ancient fae come face-to-face with modern-day humans and discover something far more potent than their strongest magic: love.

Storm Crossed won the 2019 Golden Quill Award for Fantasy Romance
Just 99¢ each, but hurry!
Sale ends soon!

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