Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Guest Interview: TJ Nichols

Posted by: Shona Husk
I won't have a new book out until next month, but TJ Nichols has the final book in their Studies in Demonology trilogy out next week (warlocks, climate change, magic and demons) so I thought I'd ask them a few questions.
Shona: You have an urban fantasy series wrapping up next week. What is it like to end a series where you've spent three books with the same characters. You must know them really well. Is it hard to let go?
TJ: I do know them well, which also mean I know exactly how to hurt them...it makes black moments that much darker. I thought it was going to be hard to let go, but the story was done and it ends on a really hopeful note.
Shona: Why demons?
TJ: Because everyone has their own demons, I just made it literal rather than figurative.
Shona: With Studies in Demonology over can we expect a new series soon?
TJ: I have a new urban fantasy series starting in April/May of next year. The Mytho series is set in San Francisco and has a dragon shapeshifter hero and a human cop who are most definitely not having a career ending relationship. There's a lot of mythological beings and it's not as dark as the Demonology series.
Shona: Where do you get your ideas?
TJ: All over the place. Sometimes from news article I read sometimes from just bits and pieces that drift together to form an idea. A lot of the time I have no idea, a character just appears in my head and starts talking about their problem, or I see them in a situation.
Shona: Got any writing tip?
TJ: Write. Read. Repeat. You get better at writing by writing. Read outside your genre to cast your creative net wide. And keep going, being an author isn't a sprint. Few make it to the top, but if you're having fun and making a few bucks then you're doing ok.
Studies in Demonology: Book Three
Sheets of ice are spreading across the human world, ushering in an ice age as the magic drained from Demonside turns that world into a desert. Angus and reluctant warlock Terrance have defected from Vinland to the Mayan Empire--a land of dark and potent magic. But the Mayans aren't offering sanctuary for free.

Nor is the world willing to stand back as Vinland attacks, and the backlash will affect all magic users.

Mage Saka has no tribe. He is now just another refugee fleeing the dying Demonside. He knows the conflict brewing now will be worse than the first demon war. Countries are banding together--not just against Vinland, but against all magic. Where will the powerful Mayan Empire stand?

Angus might have the power to fight Vinland and the Warlock College, but the cost will be terrible. Saka is torn between helping Angus and stopping him. And Terrance would do anything for Angus, but he's terrified of the man Angus is becoming, even as Saka is warming to the idea of a relationship between the three of them.

No matter what choice they make, victory will be bittersweet, and when the ash settles and the snow melts, nothing will be the same.
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