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Bring it Back(list) - Ranyon and Rhys talk Summer Vacation!

Posted by: Dani Harper, Author

My Grim Series brings ancient faery legends to modern-day America ... and it’s brought along a few other things, like secondary characters who have to be physically restrained from taking over the stories!

Chief among them is Ranyon, a strange little creature called an ellyll, with a gnarled brown face and bright blue eyes. Brown leaves grow in his thick braided hair, and also cover his body like a coat, while his arms and legs resemble knobby tree branches. Despite being barely more than knee-high, Ranyon has an ENORMOUS personality! Though he spent most of his life living among the Fae, he’s actually a powerful elemental, and extremely talented in creating astonishing spells and charms out of household objects.

Ranyon first appears in Book 1, Storm Warrior, where he is befriended by Rhys, a Celtic Warrior who was enslaved by the Fae for millennia. Both reappear in subsequent books ... and both are still getting used to the modern human world.

What if someone who's never even heard of a coffee break suddenly had to take a SUMMER VACATION?  

Check out the following conversation between Rhys and Ranyon....

RHYS:  I’ve had over two millennia of experience in the human world above and the faery realm beneath, but I’ve never journeyed on a “vacation” before.

RANYON:  Ha! Ya wouldn’t be now, save your good wife says you have to.

RHYS:  By the stars, did you listen at the door? It was my own idea!

RANYON:  I didn’t have to earsdrop. The two of ya were plenty loud enough. And as fer it being your plan, seems like every human male likes to pretend everything’s his very own idea. Yer dear Morgan should get the glory for finally getting you away from yer farm. Ya need yer mind expanded!

RHYS:  My mind is fine and well, thanks. And when did you become such an expert on vacations?

RANYON:  Leo and I traveled to see the Blue Jays in Toronto last summer, remember? What a brammer of a time we had!

RHYS:  That’s because you love baseball more than food or drink.

RANYON:  Oh, but the food and drink were tasty too. Leo got these great huge pretzels and –

RHYS:  Morgan has something very different in mind. There’s no baseball where we’re going.

RANYON:  None at all? Surely there’s a sport o’ some kind!

RHYS:  Swimming, she says, but only because it’s on an island.

RANYON:  *horrified* Ya mean yer gonna get yerself wet on purpose?

RHYS:  You forget, ’twas my own people, the Celts, who invented soap. And I went swimming often as a boy. It’s fun, and Morgan says the water is clear as the sky and warm as a bathtub.

RANYON:  *shudders*  I suppose next you’ll be tellin’ me there’s no beer!

RHYS:  I’m not sure about beer. She showed me pictures of strong drinks inside big prickly fruits, with strange little umbrellas in them.

RANYON:  Whatever are the umbrellas for? You don’t have to get wet while you drink, do you?

RHYS:  I don’t know. But I promised to try the drinks for her sake. And to look at the fish. She says there’s hundreds of beautiful fish to be seen in the waters.

RANYON:  *counting off on his twiggy fingers*  No baseball, no beer, yer gettin’ wet and yer lookin’ at fish?  I won’t be going with ya, if that’s yer idea of a good time.

RHYS:  You’re not invited to go with us, not this time. Morgan calls this a “romantic retreat”. It’s only for couples.

RANYON:  Oh, I get it. Yer gonna be all dovey and cooey. *makes a face* Well, human females love that, and yours deserves naught but the best, even if that means fishy water and little umbrellas. She’s been more than brave, what with all the faery troubles she’s been through, and goddess knows what perils yet to come to us. We were lucky to escape with our lives that last time.

RHYS:  Aye, I wish I hadn’t brought such danger to her doorstep. So it’s more for her sake that I’m agreeing to this vacation.

RANYON:  And are Aidan and Brooke going on this lovers’ journey as well?

RHYS:  Nay, they’ll be caring for the horses on our farm. But they have plans of their own while they’re there. Camping, they say, in the little stand of trees in the back pasture.

RANYON:  Outside? But you have a fine dry house! And ’tis mortal danger to sleep outside with the Fae about. You’ve still got all the charms that I made you?

RHYS:  Aye, on every wall and roof and fencepost. I’d never take them down, not with the Wild Hunt roaming the countryside. Aidan doesn’t like the idea of spending the night outdoors any more than you do, but he has faith in Brooke. She’s a powerful witch, and I know she’ll take precautions. She says she used to do a lot of camping with her friends when she was young; that it’s something done for fun. People tell ghost stories and roast hotdogs and –

RANYON:  Hotdogs, ya say? Like at the ballpark?

RHYS:  Aye, that seems to be an important part of the custom. And there’s marsh candies too, some sweet white things that you toast on a stick over a fire.

RANYON:  Well, now yer talkin’. It’s a pretty big farm you have, lots of work to be done, and animals to be looked after. I’m sure Aidan and Brooke will be needin’ my help. And besides, they might need a little extra magic to keep the dark Fae at bay.


RHYS:  *putting his hand on the ellyll’s shoulder* That would bring me much peace of mind while I attend this vacation.

RANYON:  One thing you could do for me, though…

RHYS:  What’s that?

RANYON:  Bring me one of those little umbrellas, will ya? I think I can make a charm with one!


Wishing all my readers a wonderful summer, whatever your plans may be!

Sincerely, Dani Harper



The fae are cunning, powerful and often cruel. The most beautiful among them are often the most deadly. Hidden far beneath the mortal world, the timeless faery realm plays by its own rules—and those rules can change on a whim. Now and again, the unpredictable residents of that mystical land cross the supernatural threshold…

In this enchanting romance series from Dani Harper, the ancient fae come face-to-face with modern-day humans and discover something far more potent than their strongest magic: love.

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  1. Very funny, I wonder what charm Ranyon will make with the umbrella?


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