Friday, February 9, 2018

Getting Back to Work

Posted by: Shona Husk
The summer school holidays are over (I live in Australia) so it’s back to work. Over the school hols I scale down my goals and usually just finish off anything that’s lying around. That WIP that needs a final read before sending out, that book that needs plotting, and maybe I’ll write 500w on that thing a day just to keep it ticking over.

By having small goals for each day (because I don’t want to work all day when the kids are home) things still move along. In six weeks I was able to cross off a lot of things. I believe it’s better to aim low and keep moving even if it is really slowly than to just throw my hands in the air and declare I can’t get anything done.

Now with the kids back at school I need to get those finished WIPs out the door and start writing.

The other thing I did over the holidays was read craft books. Back when I worked part-time I used to get 5k/day written on my 2 writing days. That had fallen to 2k. So I wanted to look at ways to up my speed again because I know I can do it.

One book that has helped is 2k to 10k by Rachel Aaron.

Part of the problem for me is distractions. When I started to keep track of my start and stop times and words written I stopped checking twitter and playing words with friends when I should be writing.

The other thing I re-learned was pre planning. When I worked, I’d spend my lunch break dot pointing out scenes in a note book. I’d stopped doing that, but spending 10 minutes before I start has helped.

While I’m not writing 10k/day I am getting my speed back up.

Now I just have to gather the courage to hit send on those submissions.
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